5 Easy Plants To Benefit Your Health

Out of all the accessories and accent pieces you can use to decorate your home, houseplants are my all-time favorite! Not only do they add beauty and color to any room (great for chasing away wintertime blues!), they also have numerous health benefits.

If you live in a dry or wintery state, you might want to consider purchasing a few houseplants to add humidity to your air. This can help in treating common ailments like colds and dry skin. Houseplants are also shown to be calming, which can help lower anxiety and stress while promoting rest. Additional benefits are numerous, from being natural air purifiers to increasing focus, creativity, and empathy.

Ready to race out and fill your house with plants (so tempting!)? Well, before you do, take a look at five of the easiest houseplants to care for below. These plants are aesthetically pleasing, beneficial to your health, and - best of all - forgiving. In fact, most of these plants actually tolerate neglect better than too much care!

1) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that originated in Africa. Its dramatic look makes it appealing as a houseplant while the gel inside it is known for relieving mild burns and bruises. Being incredibly tolerant, aloe vera plants like indirect light and prefer to dry out between waterings. But pet owners be cautious - these are not safe for our dog friends!

2. The ZZ Plant

Known as the "indestructible plant", this fella is a great option for the busy plant parent or not-so-green thumb. These plants can thrive in a range of light, from bright light, to indirect, to even tolerating low light. The purify the air by removing toxins, and should be watered just about every two weeks, letting the soil dry out between each watering. These plants will add tex