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A Peaceful & Bright Primary Bedroom for our Newly Renovated Fitzgerald Condo Project


Are you ready for another reveal from our Fitzgerald Condo Remodel!? Today we're talking all about the primary bedroom....and let me tell you, it is a bedroom fit for a QUEEN.

You may be starting to notice that the real show-stealers in the project are the many vintage-inspired rugs we used in each of the rooms. These were the starting point for each of the spaces and informed our color palettes throughout.

In her previous condo, while similar colors, our client's design choices were slightly more bright and graphic. We took notes from the colors that showed up in that space, which included blues, greys, wood tones, and warm browns, and created a more subtle, elevated version of her style.

The bedroom was a great blank slate to work with. Three large south and west-facing windows allowed for TONS of natural light and a fantastic downtown view, and the footprint of the room was quite large.

You'll also notice a small one-person balcony just off her bedroom, which, while we didn't design anything out there, we thought was pretty adorable.

The one element that was a little quirky in this room was the placement of the two south-facing windows on what really was the only logical wall for the bed. The previous owners had the bed in the same location, but you'll notice that the bed feels giant on that skinny area of wall between the two windows.

SO: I decided to use the sorcery of WINDOW TREATMENTS and custom furniture to trick the eye and make those windows feel a little more cohesive and the bed more proportionate.

Primary Bedroom Before

Primary Bedroom After

The plan for the new bedroom bed-wall would include a large, upholstered bed frame with a much taller headboard, lower/wider nightstands, and one set of stationary curtain panels with a single, long curtain rod that would extend the length of the back wall.

Rather than give each window it's own set of curtains, this gives the illusion of these windows being connected: part of a larger set, rather than two distinct windows. Finally, the large upholstered headboard would layer nicely in front of the two windows, creating dimension and scale.

The previous layout also included artwork above the bed, which, while the piece itself is beautiful, it stops your eye in that spot and makes you notice the small area between the windows. Leaving this area blank allows your eye freely flow past that area, making that wall feel bigger and more cohesive.

Here's the elevation depicting our plan, which we presented to the client on presentation day to illustrate the scale of the pieces on the headboard wall:

Headboard Wall Elevation

headboard wall elevation for bedroom design

As for our design plan, the overall footprint would remain similar, but the scale and detail of each piece would be more appropriate for the room.

We decided early on that, because of scope of the kitchen remodel, we'd be replacing all the wood floors in the condo (THEY ARE TO DIE FOR). Since we had the world of flooring at our fingers, we went with a stunning, mid-tone wider-plank wood: the perfect base for the entire condo design!

Playing off that wood tone, we went with a subtle, neutral base color pallet with hints of blues and blush. Here's our concept board for the space, and below you can view the planned furniture layout for the bedroom (*the room all the way to the right on the floor plan):

interior design condo remodel floor plan

The only element to change from the style board to the completed room was our main bedroom light fixture. The pictured fixture was the same as the ones in the foyer and guest room, but our client wanted to do something with a little more flair in her bedroom.

We originally chose a flush-mount vintage-look crystal fixture, but decided before installation that we needed something larger scale. Luckily, the crystal fixture worked perfectly in her walk-in closet, which is now the fanciest light fixture in a closet ever!

The bedroom fixture we ended up with is a candelabra chandelier style with gold tones, which works perfectly in the space and brings just that added flair our client was looking for. Moral of the light fixture story? Sometimes we get it right the first time, and sometimes it's a process that changes as we go!

There were already a lot of wood tones in the space, so other than the dresser, we went with a variety of other materials in our selections.

The nightstands are black metal with glass tops, grey ceramic lamps, an upholstered bedframe and chaise, and to create some softness and texture in the space, an appropriately sized area rug to break up the wood tones.

We brightened up the walls from the previous mustard yellow and added softness, texture, and height with our window treatments.

Lastly, though not pictured, we reworked all the closet systems to make more sense for the way out client planned to use them. She was able to communicate how she'd ideally use each closet, and our builder reworked the shelving and hanging rods to her liking.

This client was such a treat to work with! She is a person who does so much good work in the community and carries out fantastic, difficult work for her company day in and day out, so it was an honor to have the opportunity to design her personal oasis in the form of this main bedroom!

Of course, a suite like isn't complete without a dreamy luxury bathroom, so stay tuned for that reveal soon!

*For pricing on any specific pieces in this room, shoot us a message via our contact form.*


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