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Interior Designer Lauren Figueroa offering business support to other designers

Interior Designer
Industry Support Sessions

A one-on-one conversation with a fellow designer, right from your laptop.

I've been in business just under a decade, but I remember how hard it was when I first started.


With the help of some great coaches, peers, and a little bit of grit, I've grown my business into a sustainable multi six figure career that supports me and my family. So:


  • Are you interested in entering the industry and have some questions about getting started?

  • Already a designer, but need direction / feedback in an area of your business?

  • Just want to bounce ideas off of an industry professional?

If you answered YES to any of these, a support session might be for you!


Shay G., a fellow interior designer who has worked with Lauren

"Something I particularly appreciate about Lauren is how passionate she is about business strategy. Business strategy just isn't something I naturally feel passionate about myself—I'd be happy digging into the creative side of design all day long!


But the truth is, to succeed as a designer, business strategy is essential. If you're like me, you have plenty to gain from Lauren's passion and expertise. She knows how to inspire others to merge both the creative and the strategic to create a highly effective design business."

- SHAY GABRIEL | Lead Designer at Shay Gabriel

Investment: $397 / 1-Hour Session

* a limited number of support sessions are available each month *

A beautiful built-in hutch designed by Grand Rapids interior designer Lauren Figueroa

Ready to get started?

Life's too short to be stressed out by your business. Let's dive into your industry question today! 

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