Your Single-Day Power Session to Complete a Room in a Day

That's right, work one-on-one with an interior designer in your home to design the room of your choice—in a day. 

Badda-bing, badda-boom! 

Imagine yourself six weeks from now:

You're in your living room, sipping your coffee with your favorite person while sitting on a super-stylish sofa; your feet are propped up on the most BEAUTIFUL marble top coffee table where a classy bamboo tray sits on top holding a happy little house plant, your favorite book, and a glowing candle. 

Does that sound serene, or what?



Designed in a Day is our single-day power session that can make this serene scene your reality. Get that high-end classy home (you know, the one that impresses your friends!) even if you feel like you have ZERO sense of style...we've got you 😉 

So how does this work, exactly?

Your Designed in a Day appointment will take place in just that—a day!

Step One:

Style Discovery

We start with a quick style discovery conversation where we look through your inspiration photos and talk about your likes, dislikes, must-haves, and space functionality needs. 

Step Two:

Space Planning

You'll take a quick break while we measure the room, input the space into our design program, and quickly work out the best possible furniture layout. This layout provides an outline for the shopping list of items to source.


Step Three:

Online Shopping

Once we have layout and sizes determined, we hop on the internet together and start to choose pieces! As we go, we assemble a virtual style board to help you visualize the space, as well as compile your digital shopping list. 

By the end of our session, you'll have everything you need to complete your space like a pro:

  • Shopping list for all the major furniture/decor items for your space, which you can then easily order online

  • Style board with your selected pieces so you can see how awesome everything will look together

  • Bird's-eye layout of the space so you know how to set everything up when your furniture arrives


Designed in a Day is right for you if...

You don't want or have time to wait the typical 4 to10 months required for a fully-managed project with custom furniture orders


You want to be hands-on with your design


You're love to shop online


You are done living in an uninspiring space and want to do something about that—fast!

Happy Clients

"We used Lauren's Designed in Day Service! She offered us a lot of insight and was very easy to work with! Highly recommend!"


- Sarah Jane Huizenga -

"We did the DIAD option and we couldn’t have been happier with how the day went and the future plans for our home!"

- Joseph Griffith -

Ready to get Started?

Due to capacity, we offer just two Designed in a Day appointments per month. If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, click below to secure your place in our schedule.


$2,497 for an up to 5 hour session


A few notes...

If we need more time to complete your design, don't fret! Day of, you can add up to two additional hours at our hourly rate.


Each Designed in a Day appointment may be used to design a single room. 


If you are looking for customization or one of a kind options, we suggest looking into our VIP Fully-Managed service. Since we source online for this option, customization is limited.