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Why Designing Your Bedroom First Should be a Priority

A bright classic bedroom in a downtown Grand Rapids condo designed by Lauren Figueroa

I was recently making a list of the Designed in a Day sessions I have yet to document via blog post, and as I noted the type of space I worked on with each client, I realized that I so very rarely get asked to help with bedroom design during day sessions.

So I wondered about this… 

Is it because folks everywhere already have beautiful bedrooms that they love spending time in? Could it be that I’m bad at bedroom design??

Or, perhaps, is it’s that bedrooms almost always get moved to the bottom of the list when it comes to priority? BINGO! So many folks figure that because "no one will see them", their bedrooms don't matter. Let me tell you this: THEY DO.

I somewhere heard that when you move into a new home, the two rooms you should prioritize are the kitchen and your bedroom(s). The kitchen makes sense: you gotta eat!

But I get this feeling that not many people prioritize their bedrooms. And—because you can function pretty will without that space being “done”—it often gets forgotten, and before you know it you’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for years…Okay, maybe it’s not THAT bad, but still! 

I don’t know all the reasons behind the “kitchen/bedroom first” advice, but if I had to guess, it’s because your house is likely going to be chaos for a few months while you get settled. Having a space where you can escape the stuff-tornado and feel peaceful will be important!

Plus, we know how important sleep is to basically every aspect of life, and being able to feel settled and get GOOD sleep is super important when moving into a new home, for kids especially, but for parents and kid-less folks too! 

A bright eclectic bedroom in a historic farmhouse designed by Lauren Figueroa

I personally adore my bedroom (above). Does it have the most expensive furniture? No. Is it massive? Nope. But it’s cozy, super functional, every inch of it is intentional in both aesthetics and utility. It’s a space I want to be in.

It wasn’t 100% finished immediately after we moved in, but I did get it pretty darn close within our first couple days of being in the house—which was super helpful to our transition here.

Of course, I’ll be the first to say that home takes time, but here are a few tips for creating a cozy bedroom space for now while you work on getting settled into your home: 

TIP NUMBER ONE: First, get yourself a “grown up” bed frame. Not one of those metal ones with wheels. A bed that rolls around is NOT going to help you feel settled. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t even have to have a headboard. Here’s the one I used in our guest room shown below (I found mine on marketplace so it was EVEN cheaper). It was inexpensive, but solid, feels intentional, and will work with almost any design style. 

An eclectic vintage green bedroom in a historic farmhouse designed by Lauren Figueroa

TIP NUMBER TWO:  Next, side tables and lamps.

I tend to prefer symmetry in a primary bedroom setup (that’s not always possible), but if you can, use matching nightstands. For bedroom lamps, I always like a fabric shade vs. something glass, metal, or with an exposed bulb. These cast a warmer diffuse light and create a cozier atmosphere.

Another tip here - most folks go too small with their lamps. I generally picks something 25-32” tall, similar to below.

An eclectic white bedroom in a historic farmhouse designed by Lauren Figueroa


TIP NUMBER THREE:  For clothing storage, I generally suggest adding a dresser ONLY IF you don’t have enough storage space in your closet. This is because I’ll always opt for having a seating area in a bedroom when possible.

For folks with kids especially, having a cozy chair or small sofa in your bedroom is a great way to create a spot for YOU time.

A sofa in front of a brick wall in a bedroom designed by Lauren Figueroa


  • Full-length mirror for outfit checks (you’ll thank me!)

  • If you floor isn’t carpet, an area rug to cozy up the room

  • Quality bedding to ensure your sleep is good (I like a down or down alternative duvet and pillow inserts)

  • Some cute functional wall hooks for those few items that always get thrown on the floor—because THEY WILL!

  • Blackout window coverings (I never knew how amazing it was to have blackout window coverings until this house. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!)

  • Plants to purify air and add life to the space


Work with Lauren Figueroa Interior Design

LFID is an interior designer working with folks in West & Southeast Michigan and NYC, known especially for her unique Designed in a Day service.

LFID clients range from Detroit to Clarkston, and all the way to Grand Rapids, Holland and Traverse City, and most recently, NYC. I pride myself on creating bespoke, people-centered spaces—because after all, people are what this life is all about!

If you have a project on the horizon, get started by telling me about your vision here, and you can view past projects here.

Thanks for stopping by!  

Interior Designer Lauren Figueroa sits on a swivel chair in a bright living room she designed


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