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8 Design Details to Consider Including In Your Next Kitchen Update

So you've decided to tackle a kitchen update—congratulations!

This room is the heart of the home and you deserve it to be everything you need it to be. So... now what? There are a million different details that could go into your kitchen, so how do you decide what to include and what to say nay to?

Lucky for you, today I'm sharing eight details I've loved from past kitchen projects and why. Take them or leave them, but hope this helps!

Let's get to it:

1. Counter to Ceiling Tower Cabinet:

I adore this look, and if you have the counter space to do it, it makes for a beautiful, dramatic statement, while giving you significant extra storage. In the example here, we didn't have much upper cabinet space, so this was a great way to add some interest to the window wall while gaining some much needed storage.

2. The Classic Farmhouse Sink:

You might be asking, is this a trend that's headed out? And to that I say: it doesn't matter, and don't design around trends! Farmhouse sinks are practical, functional, and timeless—worth considering in your future kitchen design!

3. Open Shelving:

If you can swing it, I always love to include some type of open shelving. It's a great way to break up a wall of cabinets, and provides a spot to display your more-pretty kitchen items, like bowls, towels, or even plants.

4. Wood Floors in the Kitchen:

I love hardwood floors, and I love them in every room! Bringing them into the kitchen adds warmth, and in the current trend of open-concept homes, it's a great way to connect your kitchen area to your living area and make the space feel larger.

5. Deep Window Sills:

You might not have thought of this as a must-have, but planning for deep window sills provides perfect additional storage. Deep sills are the perfect place for plants, herbs, canisters, and other useful-but-pretty kitchen items.

6. Island Seating:

I love to include island seating, because let's face it, whether it's there or not, people will always end up lingering in the kitchen, so you might as well plan for it! I like to have at least three stools when possible, and more if I can swing it! The island tends to be the social center of the house, so it's super functional to have a place to land there.

7. Stone Backsplash:

Consider continuing your countertop material up the wall as your backsplash. This gives a seamless look, and can be a great way to simplify the look of a kitchen, rather than introducing a new element, like tile (I still love tile, too!).

8. Cut Branches Centerpiece:

An easy, no-cost addition that packs a punch in any kitchen! Head out to your yard, chop a few long branches off something green, and pop them into a large vase or jar. The longer the branches, the better!


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