Shop The Look: Bright, Timeless Living Room + Bedroom

We don't often take on fully e-desgin projects, but these were repeat clients and the project sounded fun, so we decided to go for it! Plus, it was a great opportunity to give you some free design tips with a good-ole "shop the look" post! The goal was to create a space that was warm, classic, and bright, mainly focusing on cosmetic details—so paint, flooring, and furniture—but no moving walls or major renovation.

The is a second home for our clients, and allows them to be close to one branch of their multi-location business. In the future, they may use this as a furnished rental, so we kept that in mind for our selections as well: nice quality and durability, but not super high end. Shall we take a look?

Here's our floor plan and style board for the living room:


And here's our planned layout and style board for the bedroom:

I love the way these space and the pieces all came together. It's classic, timeless, and subtle, while not feeling stuffy or overly formal. Lot's of wood tones, which makes a space feel cozy and casual, and a mix of traditional and modern lines and styles.

And best of all? If you love this design as much as I do, you can shop the look! All these pieces are available via a curated collection within our trade portal, which you can access here:


Let me know what you think of these spaces! Would you consider an e-design project if it were something we offered regularly? I'd love to know!