When The Original Wallpaper Grows On You—You Work With It! New House Tour Part 7

When we first moved in, I was pretty confident that I'd be removing the wallpaper in the dining room. If you look closely, there appear to be Christmas ornaments with little stags in the design. Christmas year round—such an interesting choice!

BUT! Like many design aspects of this house, much to my surprise, it has grown on me. The overall impact gives me old-timey saloon vibes, and I really don't hate it. So while, yes, mayyyybe I would eventually like to change it, it has worked its way much farther down the list of priorities, and maybe even off the list (HA!).

Here you can see a couple photos from the listing before we purchased:


It was absolutely very tasteful, but a little too formal for my personal taste. I also wanted to try to utilize smaller scale pieces, as well as pieces with a lower profile, because it felt like this room could easily feel a little too cluttered.

Below you can see how I opted for chairs with a mid-height back vs. the taller chairs above, which I feel calms the space down a bit.