Home Tour Part 2: Come On In!

The entry of our house had so much character that the design fell into place easily. You'll note the adorable "Madison Manor" decal on the door. It's not why we bought the house, but it definitely helped. The foyer has original tile and stained glass windows, which Ruby, our 60lb husky--pit mix, crashed through earlier this year on one of her scare--away--the--mailman tantrums. SO, we had the windows repaired by Kolenda Art Glass, complete with tempered glass to protect our pup (and the mailman..). The pink folding chairs I found at Changing Thymes, a local art market for those of you in Grand Rrapids. Gold mirror is from Homegoods, and the antique table was thrifted.

Moving into the entryway, the striped wall was already there, which I loved, so it stayed, and the gallery wall on the staircase came a little later after I'd collected enough funky old vintage pieces. I found that sweet little settee at a garage sale just after we bought our house, and the open coat hooks (Homegoods) seemed like a given because I hate using the closet! I also only own one coat, so that's a thing. And the sign above the bench -- given to us by one of my bridesmaids -- was the perfect homie touch to finish off the space.

Annnnnd of course, I have to be honest: there usually are about 20 pairs of shoes under the bench...it was a SERIOUS challenge to keep our house clean for this photo shoot!

Harry Potter room beneath the stairs

Photos by Alyssa & Drew Photographers