Home Tour Part 9: The Dining Room

Ahhhh, the dining room.

Our dining room is one of the two rooms we painted after we moved in. I had just painted the office that dark purply color intending, actually, to paint it more like this color. But I like the way the office turned out.

Anyway, this super cool Jonathan Adler chandelier was in the house when we moved in, and the white walls were doing nothing for it. I'd been seeing all these moody, dark, bold rooms all over the place with brilliant gold accents, and I wanted one of my own!

The blue ended up looking awesome with the natural wood trim, and we left the trim on the stained glass windows white, making it pop out like the giant piece of art that it is. The sideboard was gifted to us from our friend's parents who were getting new furniture, and the table is the very first piece I bought when we got married. The chairs were gifted to us by my cousin, and while they are a little too farmhousey/traditional for our overall style, they've definitely grown on me. We'll do new chairs eventually, but these are just fine for the time being.

Oh -- and can we talk about those pocket doors?! SO COOL. And also super convenient for keeping Ruby (our pup) away from the front window during prime dog--walking times.

Photos by Alyssa & Drew Photographers