Making a Kitchen Our Own with a Few Simple, Non-Structural, Changes: New House Tour Part 3

I have grown so very fond of our kitchen in our new home. While it's not the kitchen I would have designed if I had started from scratch, I've appreciated how we've been able to make it our own with a few clever changes. Here's a photo of what the kitchen looked like before we moved in:

Our kitchen really is at the center of our house, with random rooms shooting off in all directions. There is an entrance to the room on every wall, connecting it to the dining room, west wing, Larry's office, and back entry, and of course, when people come over, we often spend the whole visit in here, lingering around the island, leaning on walls, popping a squat on the countertops, or spinning on stools.

Before we moved in, I knew I wanted a wood island for the center of the kitchen to contrast the lighter perimeter cabinets. I had been eyeing some vintage drapers tables, but I wanted something with functional storage, as well as something that would be sanitary to prep food on, so I had one designed for us by our favorite carpenters over at Katt Design. You can read more about the island design in this blog post from a while back.

At first, we had three narrow, wobbly stools (originally from Bed, Bath & Beyond...haha) that we had for some reason put on our wedding registry (you don't know what you don't know, right?). They've followed us around since then, often acting as side tables or night stands, but they were never really used as stools. Since bringing them to the new house, both me and one of our nieces took a fall off the stools, so we decided it was time to find something more substantial.