A Peek At Our New House + New Pieces I'm Excited About

Here she is folks!! Our new slice of heaven, apparently nicknamed "Stonewall Farms" by previous owners, due to the massive stone retaining walls that line the driveway. We're glad to report that the move went well and we're currently settling into the new space. WHEW! What a whirlwind!!

If you know me personally, you know my home is filled with consignment finds, fb marketplace scores, and lots and lots of items from what my mom and I like to call a good ole garage sale jackpot. While I'm regularly working with stunning custom high-end pieces for my clients, our own house has been pulled together on a shoe string budget—and I've always liked it that way! I love the thrill of the hunt, and I also feel much less sad when a dog puts a muddy paw on something I didn't spend too much mula on.

I'm also pretty choosey about what comes into our house because—while my aesthetic doesn't look it—I'm a minimalist at heart. As a result of that, I love just about everything we own, and almost all of our current furniture came with us to the new place. BUT. Since selling the house, we were able to set aside a decent little budget to spend on some new items and updates for the house, and I'm soooo excited to share those with you! I'm pumped for you to see our new abode!

The home we left behind (above) is a beautiful colonial style house built in 1915. I absolutely love old houses, and if you can believe it, the new house is almost double in age! This circa 1847 colonial farmhouse is a whopping 173 year olds and has quite a story:

In the 1980's, the house was located on local fairgrounds and had fallen into disrepair. The fire department had flagged it as one to be used for training firefighters, but some lover of historic homes heroically swooped in, bought the house, and moved it to a nearby plot of land—that's right, MOVED it! Since then, it's had multiple owners and undergone several renovations while still maintaining much of its original charm. The last owners left us a photo album full of awesome shots of the original house, so I'll definitely be sharing those here soon!

One of the reasons we liked this house is that there's potential to expand, if we want to. Our last house was on a jam-packed city block in a historic district, which means room to grow was limited, and even if you had it, you'd have to get everything through this historic preservation association, which is both expensive and difficult. In our new location, we get all the perks of owning a historic home—the charm, the quirks—but on a completely private two acre plot with zero historic regulations—woo hoo!

Kitchen Island Plans

We hope to do a kitchen reno/expansion at some point in the future, but we want to live in the house for a while first to figure out what exactly we need/want, or if we even need to expand. Additionally, the current kitchen, while not exactly my style, is pretty darn cute and has a lot of potential. Here are a few shots from the listing: