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Day Sessions, Full-Service, Virtual Interior Design—OH MY! Which Design Service is Right for Me?

If you've poked around on our site or followed us on instagram for more than a minute, you might notice that we offer three different types of interior design services.

And if you're like me, you might be wondering, "which service is the right service for me?"

Good news! I'm here to give you the breakdown of our three different services AND tell you exactly who is a great fit for each one.

Now, it's important to note that it's not just about the kind of project you're taking on, it's also about your personality and the way that you like to work! So we'll touch on that with each of our services.

Ready to jump in?

Service #1: Designed in a Day

Alright! First, let's talk about the newest of our service offerings, our Designed in a Day service.

This service is our most popular, and can be ideal for many types of projects! From furnishing a room or two in your house, to planning various aspects of a renovation project.

Designed in a Day was created to meet the need of some of our clients who simply needed a design PLAN, but who didn't necessarily need or want us to carry out the project for them. Let's talk through the six key characteristics of a person and project that would benefit from this service:


You don't want to wait the 4-10 months required for a VIP project

Designed in a Day is GREAT if you're on a tight schedule. Unlike our Full-Service VIP offering—during which the design phase is typically 6 weeks or more—clients have a plan by the end of their session.

We generally source from online retailers, so we're able to select pieces that are in stock and will arrive quickly. In contrast, a custom piece of furniture can take 8-10 weeks, so if you're on a schedule, this is a great option. Of course, we CAN suggest custom options too. Day sessions are VERY flexible.


You want to be a little more hands-on with your design

In our Designed in a Day service, you get the chance to be "in" on the design process of your space and give realtime feedback on the design. I'm able to ask questions in the moment as they come up rather than needing to schedule meetings over and over, so overall, they're very efficient.


You are anxious about design fees or want flexibility in your budget

Our Designed in a Day service is our best bang for your buck. Since you will be responsible for executing the project, you wont have any project management fees. Additionally, the sessions give you the flexibility to execute over time when your budget allows, rather than ordering all at once.

Fee wise, for a single room, you'd likely see at least a 5K difference in design fees between full-service and day sessions, so this is a great place to start if you're anxious about spending too much on design.


You're comfortable shopping online and good at making decisions

Since we complete your design in just a single day, it's helpful to be a quick decision maker! It's also important that you are comfortable with shopping online. Generally, you wont have the opportunity to see the items in person before ordering.


You're comfortable tackling the ordering and installation yourself

Unlike our full-service design, our Designed in a Day clients take on the project management themselves. We leave them with links to all their items/finishes and drawings, along with local resources, and they do the rest!

This is also a great option if you want a plan you can carry out over time rather than completing a space all at once, since you can order the items on your preferred timeline rather than at time same time.

Service #2: VIP Full-Service Design

Our second service, and the the most comprehensive service at LFID, is our VIP Full-Service Option. This services is for more substantial projects, such as a multi-room furnishing project, a large overhaul of a kitchen, or even a whole home.

Our goal is to make the design process enjoyable for our clients. We believe that transparency paired with a clear process are the keys to helping you feel comfortable and enjoy the ride—because design should be fun!

Now, as I mentioned before, it's not just about the kind of project you're taking on, it's also about your personality, your budget, and the way that you like to work! We've put together five key characteristics of a personality and project that make for a great fit for our Full-Service Option:


While you always have the final say, you get excited about handing over the nitty-gritty details & creative decisions over to a professional team

We do a lot of work on the front end to gather information on your style preferences and functionality needs, but then we do most of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. When everything has been selected and priced out, we present it to you!

Of course, there are always a few revisions that need to be made, but when we've done our work on the front end to make sure we "get" what you're going for, we're pretty great at creating a space that matches your taste.


You want to do this all at once rather than piece together your space over time​

Our 3-Phase projects have fairly long timelines, but what's GREAT about them is that you end up with a completely finished space, right down to the details of pillows, trays, and decor.

Once we reach presentation and construction gets started (if there's a construction element to your project), we do ALL the ordering and receiving of furniture and decor, and we store it all in our warehouse until EVERYTHING arrives.

Then we do one (or two, depending on size) MAJOR installation day and reveal a fully completed space to you—sort of like HGTV, only it's way more work than they make it seem!!


Your project is fairly substantial, such as furnishing multiple rooms, or renovation a large kitchen or even a whole home

While we sometimes do a single room, or one large great room, when it comes to furniture, since we have minimum project design and project management fees, you'll get more bang for your buck if you furnish multiple rooms.

As for renovations or build projects, we'll take on a kitchen project or larger, but preferably our renovation projects involve multiple rooms or the whole house. We don't typically take on something like a single bathroom because it becomes too costly for the client when you compare the overall project budget to our fees.


You're looking for a completely bespoke space & are comfortable with the time & financial investment it takes to create a one-of-a-kind project ​​ ​​

For our fully managed projects, we source all our furniture through exclusive designer trade accounts, and for the most part, these are items you wont find at a typical retailer like Pottery Barn or CB2. Most of our pieces can be extremely customized, from size, to shape, fabric, finishes, and smaller details like nailhead or contrast welts.

These custom orders take a significant amount of time, because, as with most custom orders, they aren't making it until you order. While this takes time, you end up with a space that is completely custom. A "bespoke" space that perfectly matches your family!

Service #3: 1-Hour Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions are are lowest cost offering and are a great fit if you don't have a full on project, or if you simply want to get some input on a specific area of a project you are working on. Some clients use these as one-and-done type services, and others schedule these on an on-going basis to check in and get input on their projects.

So there you have it!

Now you have a better understanding of our two different services and what types of clients and project are served best by each of them.

Of course, there are always exceptions, or projects that fall somewhere in the middle, so if you're still feeling confused about which service is right for you, don't fret!

Simply fill out our PROJECT INTAKE FORM, and we'll schedule a call to determine what makes sense for your unique project.


Work with Lauren Figueroa Interior Design

LFID is a full-service interior design firm serving West and Southeast Michigan known especially for our Designed in a Day service.

We work with clients from Detroit to Clarkston, Grand Rapids to Holland, on up to Traverse City, and anywhere in between, and we pride ourselves on creating bespoke, people-centered spaces—because after all, people are what this life is all about!

If you have a project on the horizon, get started by telling us a little about your vision here, and you can view past projects here. Thanks for stopping by!

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