So...which Design Service is Right for Me?

If you've poked around on our site or followed us on instagram for more than a minute, you might notice that we offer two different types of interior design services.

And if you're like me, you might be wondering, "which service is the right service for me?"

Good news! I'm here to give you the breakdown of our two different services AND tell you exactly who is a great fit for each one.

Now, it's important to note that it's not just about the kind of project you're taking on, it's also about your personality and the way that you like to work! So we'll touch on that with each of our services.

Ready to jump in?

Service #1: Designed in a Day

Alright! First, let's talk about the newest of our service offerings, our Designed in a Day service.

This service is perfect for furnishing and decorating bedrooms, great rooms, home offices, or other "softer" residential spaces. It doesn't work well for renovation projects, mainly because these projects are just too complicated to complete in one day!

Designed in a Day was created to meet the need of some of our clients who simply needed a design PLAN, but who didn't necessarily need or want us to carry out the project for them. Let's talk through the five key characteristics of a person and project that would benefit from this service:


You're project is smaller, and you don't want to wait the 4-10 months required for a fully managed project

Since we're pulling off your project in just one day, we only take on one room at a time. People can absolutely book multiple Designed in a Day sessions, but each session is sufficient to complete a single room. Designed in a Day is also GREAT if you're on a tight schedule. Unlike our fully managed 3-Phase design offering, we source exclusively from online retailers, so we're able to select pieces that are in stock and will arrive quickly. A custom piece of furniture can take 8-10