3 Phases to Your Vision

At LFID, our goal is to make the design process enjoyable for our clients. We believe that transparency paired with a clear process are the keys to helping you feel comfortable and enjoy the ride—because design should be fun! 

So how does this work?

We take every full-service project through our streamlined 3 Phase Design Process.

Phase One:

Project Initiation - $399

All projects start with a Project Consultation. This is a 2-hour on-site meeting with LFID to outline project scope and design vision. Following your consult, we'll provide a services proposal with estimated design fees for Phase 2. We utilize a flat fee structure, so you never have to worry about excessive project hours or hidden costs. 

Phase Two:

Research, Design, & Presentation

This stage is where the bulk of the design work happens and typically requires a minimum of seven weeks. Phase two culminates in a full presentation of your entire design project, including all estimates for products, additional services, and construction. This allows you to see an accurate picture of what it will cost to execute your vision, and then revise if needed. 

Phase Three:

Project Management

Now that we've done the work of planning, it's time to execute! If involved, construction begins on your project, and LFID orders, receives, checks for damages, and stores all furniture and decor at our warehouse. Once construction is complete, we host one big installation day where we stage, style and reveal your completed space!

Our 3-Phase Done-For-You Design

Service is Right for You if...


while you always have the final say, you get excited about handing over the creative details to a professional team


you want to do this all at once rather than piece together your space over time



you're looking for a completely bespoke space created with you and your family in mind ​


your project is fairly substantial, such as furnishing multiple rooms or renovating a kitchen or whole home 


you are comfortable with the time investment it takes to create a custom, one-of-a-kind space ​


you are done living in an uninspiring space and want to take your home to the next level!

Typical Project Timeline

Project Consultation​:


Typically booked 2 - 3 weeks out

Phase Two: Research, Design & Presentation


7 weeks minimum

Phase 3: Project Management 

10 weeks minimum 

The LFID Difference

Transparency in Process, Fees, & Product Pricing 



we outline our process upfront and work with a detailed contract, so you always know where we are in the process and what comes next

Project Management Fees

our project management fee for the final phase if your project is a percentage of the overall furniture budget and is outlined in our contract, so you'll never have to guess about how we got to that number 


We share our designer discounts with clients 50/50, so you always know how we got to our product pricing

Ready to get Started?

We're typically booked 1-2 weeks out for project consultations, and take only three done-for-you design clients at a time to make sure we give our best to those projects. Contact us today to get on our schedule.

Project Consultation: $399

Tell us about your project below, and a member of our team will contact you in within two business days to schedule your discovery call: