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The Simplified Christmas: What to do When Decorating for the Holidays Is Just TOO MUCH

A shot of the Figueroa house at Christmas.

Okay friends, it’s time for a little Christmas home tour! Before we begin, I have to confess, I am not an all out, holly everywhere, Christmas decor kind of gal. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. But that doesn’t mean I love the pressure that comes with it (and that applies to decorating as well).

When there is too much emphasis on Christmas decor, not only can it feel overwhelming, it can even look overwhelming! And that is NOT how something that’s so special and magical should feel. That’s why I decided to simplify our Christmas decor this year and I couldn’t resist giving you a little peek...

A tiny Christmas tree warming up the living room.

We have to start off with the tree, am I right? It’s pretty much the focal point in every home this time of year. And I love it! Christmas trees are fantastic. They offer warmth, nature, ambiance… everything you want and need in your home throughout the winter.

But, you might notice, our tree is a little smaller than the average one. Normally, Larry and I opt for a real tree and leave this little guy winking up in our attic window. But this year, since we were feeling overwhelmed, we decided to simplify and make our little tree the crowning jewel.

Our tiny tree is one of my favorite parts about our simplified Christmas. Decorating it was so much easier. Normally we’d spend hours wrapping lights and hanging ornaments…a fun process if you have the time.

But if you don’t, then decorating your tree in a relaxed half hour is a huge relief. And if you’re not into fake trees, you can also purchase a small table tree (cut or potted) to achieve the same effect.

A shot showing the Christmas tree and mantel.

In order to give more focus to our tree, we did move out our big, off-white armchair. It took a little rearranging (never be afraid to rearrange) but I love what we came up with. The two danish-modern chairs make the space feel so much more open and they don’t block the fireplace the way the armchair did. Once the holidays are over, we will likely even leave it this way.

Another spot that got some Christmas attention is our mantel. If you’re decorating minimally, the mantel is a great showcase spot that doesn’t require a whole lot of work. My choice for our mantel? Garland!

Since we needed less decorations for our tree this year, I had several lengths of garland left over. Garland is so fluffy and shiny that it quickly dresses up a space without having to do a whole lot. I spread one across the mantel and another across our dining room buffet. Then all I had to do was step back and watch as they brightened our home with some cozy, Christmas shine.

A mantel decorated by Lauren Figueroa Interior Designs.

The only other decoration that I added to our mantel was my well-loved nutcracker. I’ve had him since I was little, making him a great way to add in a dash of tradition and nostalgia. His nose has fallen off several times over the years and has been lovingly glued back on by my mom. He has a severe little face, but he’s incredibly festive as well! Between him and the garland, our mantel was Christmas ready.

A close-up of Lauren Figueroa's nutcracker.

Overall, our decor has stayed very minimal, but no less cheery. Sometimes when you have less, it shines out all the more. I also loved that our decorating didn't require a new layout or shifting out our everyday decor for Christmas items.

We only rearranged a little and added a dash of Christmas here and there, making it a simple and relaxing process. Clean up this year will be easy-peasy!

Beyond our Christmas decorations, you can also see that I’ve sprinkled in plants, books and candles throughout our home. They may not be Christmas specific, but they help cozy up our space at Christmastime and throughout the rest of winter as well.

An image of Lauren Figueroa's living room decorated with plants, candles and books.

One last point I will make: everyone’s level of decorating is different. My way may not be yours and vice versa. Our wish for you at LF Designs isn’t that you decorate less, but that you find a level of decorating that brings you joy.

A wise family member once told me, “Make traditions but make them easy so that you don’t mind repeating them.” The same applies for decorating. Christmastime is a season of joyfulness, peace and wonder. Let that outshine any other stressors or requirements you may feel.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas from all of us at Lauren Figueroa Interior Design!!!


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