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How to Make a Fantastic First Impression by Crafting an Intentional Entryway

A warm entryway opening into a room with lemon and lime accents.

You step into your home, slip off your shoes, and…what do you see? It might be a space filled with coats, shoes, and other accessories; a transitional room lost to the clutter of everyday life. Or it might be a sparse area with a rug and little to no décor.

But what if it wasn’t? What if you walked in to see an eye-catching rug, an elegant table, and a wall collage suffused in ambient lighting? Maybe you already do. But if you don’t, then your entryway might just benefit from a little TLC.

An entryway with a bike, small side table and minimal decor.

Entryways and foyers are easy spaces to overlook. Like a bathroom or kitchen, it’s a room largely dedicated to function. On top of that, it’s often a pass-through space that doesn’t spend a lot of time in the limelight.

Yet entryways are incredibly important when it comes to crafting a welcoming home. This is the space you, your family, and your guests first see when entering your house. It sets the tone for your space and your style. So what do you want it to say?

Think Through Function First

Function is hugely important. A room that is exquisitely decorated will still fall flat if it doesn’t meet your daily needs. So as you begin creating an intentional entryway, ask yourself, “What do I need from this space?”

It could be a place to hang up coats or a spot to store shoes. Maybe you constantly come home with your arms full and need a table to set things on. The possibilities are endless. Keep in mind those items you require and mold them into your entryway plan.

A black and white photo of a foyer with coat hooks and shoes.

Consider the Overall Scale

Entryways are as diverse as the people who inhabit them. There are large, regal foyers with plenty of wall and floor space, and there are also homes that open up directly into your living room or kitchen. Either way, you can craft a welcoming entryway.

The key is to keep scale in mind. Bigger spaces will benefit from more décor and larger displays to keep them from feeling empty. A small entryway may only need a rug and several thoughtful accessories to complete it. Find a balance between too much and too little.

A large scale wall collage.

A large foyer in warm bronze tones.

Make a Statement with a Focal Point

A foyer is a great place to make a statement with a focal point, a pop of color, or a jazzy chandelier. Think about what you want to see on a daily basis and what you want others to see the first time they enter your home.

Wallpaper is a unique way to pull in some color and make a style point. If your door feels mundane or boring, replace it with something more daring or paint it in a fun color for a bold splash. Patterned rugs are another go-to way to make a statement.

A bold entryway with geometric wall designs, a side table and plants.

White brick and a green table pop in this photo of an entryway.

A front door painted bright yellow.

Thinking Through Entryway Rug Options

Most entryways feature some sort of rug, whether it’s a small throw or a large oriental piece. If you’re choosing a rug for your space, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind.

For starters, be sure to consider color and pile height (the height of a rug from backing to surface). If you live in a state that sees snowy or muddy seasons, a rug in a darker color and with a shorter pile height will be ideal. Patterned rugs also tend to hide dirt and other specks better so that you won’t be vacuuming all the time.

A black and brown geometric rug.

Add Soft Lighting to Set the Vibe

There is almost nothing more welcoming than soft, warm lighting. If you have a spacious entrance, a chandelier can look gorgeous centered in the room. For smaller entryways, consider a floor lamp or a table lamp that can be left on when you're out late.

A vase of flowers and a lamp in a foyer.

Make it Personal with Touches of YOU

Last, but certainly not least, always pull in some personal elements. A family photo collage, artwork curated from a beloved vacation, or word art featuring your family’s surname are all creative ways to bring in a personal touch.

A table with decor pieces neatly arranged on it.

A collection of personal decor on an entryway table.

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