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Five Irresistible Ideas for Exterior Home Additions

Friends, we’ve made it. That’s right, it is finally spring in Michigan! Though the chill holds strong, the sun has been shining for days on end and it’s turning my mind to thoughts of warmth, the outdoors, and afternoons spent lazing on a sunny porch.

A gorgeous house with a welcoming front porch.

Since I live in a northern state, when warm weather hits, I’m often determined to spend every free moment outside. While I love making use of parks and other outdoor options, my commitment to these places often peters out after a couple of months. Why? Simply because life gets busy. That’s why one of the easiest ways to fully enjoy this time of year is to have an outdoor option right at home.

If you’re thinking of having such a space at your house, great! At Lauren Figueroa Designs, we love incorporating the outdoors into your home whether it’s through decor or actually helping you create your own outdoor space. Below, we’ve listed five options to help you settle on the perfect outdoor option for you.

1) Four Season Sunroom

While not actually outdoors, this is the nearest you can get to it without actually setting foot outside. Four season sunrooms are heated additions that feature lots of windows to let in the light.

We love this option because it is usable year round. That is HUGE for those of us in cold states where our contact with the outdoors is limited for much of the year. Even in the summer, this can be a plus if you want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without leaving the coolness of your AC. You also won’t have to deal with weather or bugs, making this a guaranteed hosting spot.

A four seasons room designed by Lauren Figueroa Interior Design.

A close-up of a four season room by Lauren Figueroa Designs.

2) Three Season Sunroom

Similar to a four season room, a three season sunroom has lots of windows to let in the rays. The major difference? No AC or heat, limiting its use in wintertime. However, this does make a three season room an easier addition and still provides a cozy place for hosting and enjoying the view.

A three season room featuring navy furniture and green accents.

3) Screened-In Porch

Getting a little closer to nature is the screened-in porch. This option is perfect for someone who wants to be outside but doesn’t want to be battling bugs, sunburn, and rain. You can also enjoy some indoor comforts, like ceiling lights and fans.

If going this route, you will have to think through furniture and decor options. While furniture doesn’t need to be completely waterproof, it will face more exposure to weather than in a sunroom. Thankfully, there are lots of beautiful outdoor-friendly materials like rattan, wicker, steel, teak, and more.

An elegant screened-in porch.

4) The Porch

Who hasn’t sighed over a cozy front porch or a sweeping wraparound? There is just something timeless and welcoming about a porch. This option puts nature at your feet while still providing coverage and an easy entry into your home.

With a porch, you can enjoy fans and upper lighting while losing some of the upkeep of a screened-in option. It also provides you with a less obstructed view and an open, welcoming appearance. Overall, it's a great option for someone looking for close outdoor contact with some weather protection.

A stately blue house with a front porch.

5) Patio/Garden Area

This last choice puts you right outside and is ideal for someone looking for the most outdoorsy experience of the five. A patio or garden area can be beautifully landscaped for hosting and relaxing. Soak up some rays, enjoy the breeze, and fill that glass please!

Outdoor furniture and decor is essential here but it doesn’t mean you will lose that homey feel. Add an umbrella or two for coverage, an outdoor rug to cozy the space up, and some soft lighting (candles, lanterns, waterproof string lights, etc.) for a truly comfy patio experience.

An open patio space with a table and chairs.

A set of chairs and a table on a paved patio.


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