Creating Holiday Centerpieces: 5 Essential Tips

An elegant centerpiece created using wine bottles and candles.

Out of all the design elements that you must consider when preparing for a holiday party, what is one of the most important? The centerpiece! It may seem like a tiny detail in comparison to preparing a feast, but a centerpiece helps to set the tone for your entire event. Before you rearrange your house or even plan your menu, take a little centerpiece inspiration from below:

1) Formal Vs. Casual Materials

The possibilities for your centerpiece are endless! You can stay basic with just a floral arrangement, or get as creative as you want. Start by considering whether you want a formal or casual atmosphere. If you’re aiming for a laid back or rustic event, consider using items like kraft paper, leaves, jars, and pillar candles. In contrast, mirrors, ornate candle holders, Christmas bulbs, ribbon, and lace all add a formal touch.

A gold and silver themed centerpiece with decorative glass trees and a sparkling table runner.

The play of gold and silver in this setting makes for a formal ambiance.

Note that even cookie cutters can be used as decorations.

Don't forget to add some natural elements as well. Walnuts, greenery, flowers, pinecones, and wood slabs can all be used as part of a centerpiece. If you're worried about the longevity of such items, consider using silk flowers, faux berries and glass blown pumpkins for an equally elegant look.

A place setting decorated with natural elements like sprigs of greenery.

Try a rustic place card holder and minimal sprigs