5 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

As Fall sneaks up on us, so does the colder weather. The light and airy design elements that balanced out the summer heat now feel too cool and stark. Autumn is the time for steaming mugs of tea, a toasty fireside and, overall, a home that you want to snuggle up in. Here are five ways to begin transitioning from the breeziness of summer to the coziness of fall:

1) Add a Dash of Fall Color

This season is ripe with warm colors: gold, ochre, russet and orange are just a selection of autumn's rich palette. These warm tones are known for making rooms feel intimate and cozy. When fall hits, try adding splashes of these colors throughout your home. Pay special attention to accent items that you can change for each season like rugs, chunky throws, or pillows pillows.

2) Play with Autumn Flavors and Scents

For many people, the scents of baking are a reminder of snug kitchens, family gatherings, and holiday treats. Exchange plain or summer themed candles for autumnal scents like pumpkin spice and apple pie. Even decorating with food elements like gourds and pumpkins helps to accentuate that cozy kitchen feel.

3) Bring Nature Inside

Spending time outside benefits your health and helps you relax. To continue your inviting atmosphere, use calming vignettes like a bowl of polished rocks, a pinecone wreath, or a group of twisty branches. You can even add in firewood for a rustic touch. For your existing house plants, add a cozy touch by swapping out glass or ceramic containers for textural woven baskets.