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Give Thanks: Rachel Weaver, Behind the Blog

If you've been following our blog, you'll remember that for the month of November we will be introducing you to the people behind LFID—the people I am so incredibly thankful for! Today I am incredibly honored to introduce you to Rachel Weaver—the woman behind the blog at LFID. Not only is Rachel an amazing writer, she is also a dear friend, my beautiful cousin, and recently became the cutest new mama you've ever seen!

Rachel and I grew up together in a big family with lots (and lots) of cousins. Post college, we spent a lot of time hanging out at coffee shops, sharing pieces of writing, and talking about books or life. We stood in each other's weddings and, though we live in different cities now, we've just generally done this thing called "life" together.

We started working together earlier this year, and it has been a joy for my soul and an asset to my business. Rachel has a freelance writing business, so while she is usually busy composing her next great post, she graciously agreed to answer a handful of questions so you, reader, can get to know the person behind the blog.


Rachel and her sweet baby Lizzie.

How long have you been writing, and how did you get started?

I've been writing professionally for over two years. I got started after I graduated from college where I studied both literature and writing. Once I graduated, I landed a sales job at a small town boutique, which wasn't in my line of work but did offer me some practical life experience. The owners of the store learned that I was hoping to break into the writing field and it just so happened they had a store blog that they needed a writer for. I began writing for them, which turned into a contract position and from there I've been gaining clients and experience.

How did you become a writer?

I always remember crafting stories. Even as a little girl, I'd staple together papers with stick figure pictures and misspelled sentences on them and I'd call it a book! I'm pretty sure I took a swing at rewriting Disney's Tarzan that way.....As I grew older, I gobbled up all the books I could get and my writing began to mature. I took as many English courses as I could in high school and then took to the subject completely in college.

Give us your "60 second commercial" on what Rachel Weaver is all about:

The quickest synopsis would probably be faith, family and friends. I love writing and I take pride in my work, but I'd be nothing without those three core priorities; they define how I interact with the world and how I aim to live my life.

Pretty typical for our relationship... I said...

As a writer, what makes you unique?

This trait may not be unique but I think it's key to all the writing I do: having a sense of wonder. I've always marveled over everything from a grandmother's gap-toothed smile to cottonwood seeds blowing in a breeze. Written words are how we capture those moments. They're how we pass down history and knowledge. Words allow us to gain from other's experiences without ever having to live through those same achievements or mistakes. I'm in awe of words and the stories they tell and I try to channel that wonder into everything I write, whether it's a fictional story or a product description.

Tell us about a favorite project, piece, or achievement:

Hmmm...favorites are hard! One piece does come to mind, but not for its great prose. When I was about 18, I had a schoolgirl crush on the guy I was working with. One winter night, I went home and wrote a page and a half of what I hoped was a poetic representation of how I felt. Well, four years later, I gave those pages to that very same man on our wedding day. While I now cringe at the writing that my teenage self thought was profound, seeing the joy it brought my husband was worth all the mushy embarrassment!

What is one of your favorite things about what you do?

I love the creativity in what I do. Having an outlet for my creative energy (and making a living from it!) is wonderful. I also love that it allows me to be more independent, especially since it means I can spend much of my time working from home with my adorable 3 month old.

Tell us about your process when working with a client to develop a new blog post or piece of writing:

The process is definitely different for every client. Ideally, I like to video chat with a client once a month to brainstorm the posts for the upcoming month. It's an informal, creative time to toss ideas around, think through marketing strategies and gather all the information I need up front. Then, if I need a little more info throughout the month, it's usually just a quick question or two.

Tell us how your services can be of value to other creative (or non-creative!) businesses out there:

Strong and engaging writing is always an asset to a business. It lends you credibility and professionalism, which is reassuring to new clients. Blogs in particular are helpful for a variety of reasons. On a technical level, they help with SEO (search engine optimization) because a blog gives you fresh content consistently. Blogs that are information driven also help your current clients to trust that you're an expert in your subject area. And, lastly, blogs give you a chance to meet your clients on a personal level and share with them the stories behind your business.

Rachel and her adorable hubby, Richard.

Tell our readers about the ways you have partnered with LFID:

I'm the regular blogger for LFID. Those biweekly posts you see are usually composed by me. I get to work with the owner, Lauren Figueroa, sharing ideas, selecting images, and editing drafts to come up with the final product you see!

What are the ideal types of projects you like to work on?

While I love doing creative projects (like writing about interior design!), I think it depends more on the client for me. When I get to work with people who are passionate about their business and who believe in what a blog or a well written article can do for them, that makes the whole project so much more enjoyable.

Do you have any favorite authors, genres, styles?

The unanswerable question! I'm always a big admirer of "the greats" like Austen, the Brontes, Tolkien and so many others. But I also love a good contemporary read, whether it's Harry Potter (bit of a fantasy nerd) or the latest JoJo Moyes book.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, tell us something that has been a blessing to you this year or what you are thankful for:

Definitely the greatest blessing my husband and I received this year was our baby girl, Lizzie. We have a smiling, healthy three month old and for that we couldn't be more grateful.

If a reader wanted to get in contact with you or see more of your work, how would they do so?

The best way to contact me right now is through email at I'm always happy to share my portfolio with prospective clients as well.

Sometimes I get to steal Lizzie for a little while!


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