Blank Canvas Inspiration

Sometimes we get stuck in a design rut. You know the telltale signs: a space that feels monotonous, furniture that has never been moved, pictures that are practically cemented to the wall. We get attached to the way things are, but in the process, we lose the fresh and energetic feel that a rearranged space can bring. The good news is, you can break out of that phase; all you need is a blank canvas.

Start by moving everything out of your room. Yes—EVERYTHING! Why is this important? Well, let me introduce you to a little term I learned in psychology class called Fixation.

Fixation: The inability to see a problem from a new perspective; essentially being stuck in one mental set.

The fact is, you simply cannot see your room from a new perspective until you take everything out. SO, take everything out. This is your blank canvas: an empty, pristine space. Take in the room alone and let yourself reimagine what could be.

Next, you’re ready to start redesigning! Look for items from other areas of your house that could be moved into your empty room. Think about pillows, end tables and artwork that you might not have thought of putting there before.

Once you’ve got some pieces to work with, begin moving things back into the room. Try your items in a variety of places, especially in spots they've never been. This will not only breathe new life into your space, but into the decor as well.

Mostly, have fun with it and don’t be afraid of messing up. Sometimes the most beautiful designs come to life when we give ourselves the freedom to play!

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