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Finding Beauty in the Everyday

My clients often want their homes to look like they came right from Pinterest: the right wall art, crafty decor, and that picture-perfect touch. Unfortunately, "pinterest-perfect" pieces that serve only to decorate aren't always practical—especially when space is an issue.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, non-functional "decorations" aren't the only way to create a space that’s appealing; you can use everyday items to enliven your house as well. Your decorations are only limited by your imagination!

Everything from blankets and jewelry to spices and bowls—all things we keep around, use daily, and have to store—can be equally appealing when left out as decorations.

Start by looking around your house and seeing what items are not only functional, but beautiful: a series of artistic mugs, or a pile of vintage books. Also, take note of pieces that are useful, but don’t have the visual appeal you’d like. Over time, you can replace those plain items with beautiful and functional pieces. You’ll increase your decor options without ever adding to “the clutter.”

Remember, too, that function can be the source of beauty in an item. Ever gasped at a set of copper pots hung in a kitchen? Or has your eye lingered over the rich tones of a spice rack? These pieces bring color and depth to a space, but they also remind us of warmth, flavor, and inviting scents. The very purpose they serve brings about a whole new layer of beauty.

So start rediscovering your home and the treasures within it. You may just find all the decorations you need right within the items you use each day! For more ideas, take a look at this post by The Inspired Room or check out The Georgia Pear Interior's Portfolio. Happy styling!


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