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Reader Q&A: Changing Seasons, Changing Spaces

Time for for some reader Q&A! Reader Rachel Rasmussen recently submitted the following question:

​​“I was reading Better Homes and I loved all the bright citrus colors they were showcasing in these uber light and airy rooms. But then I thought about how I'd love something like that for summer, but in Michigan where our winters are so bright and frigid, I prefer rooms that feel warm and cozy, instead of light and airy. So my question is, how do you blend or transition a room so it fits your tastes for all seasons?”

A wonderful question, Rachel! And a design dilemma that so many of us face.

My advice for the person who likes to change their environment with the changing seasons is to start with a neutral base and make your seasonal statement in the accents. For example, start with a white, greige, or neutral shell.

These colors can be made to feel light and summery or cozy and wintery. For your larger permanent pieces, such as a sofa, coffee table, or end tables, choose items that lend themselves to year-round living. Neutrals, woods, and solid colors are great for these.

For the seasonal pops, make use of interchangeable items:

  • Pillows

  • Throws

  • Accent pieces

  • Seasonal pieces

  • Curtains

  • Area Rugs

  • Candles

For winter, toss a heavy, cable knit throw on the sofa and add in some fuzzy, texted pillows. A pumpkin pie or cinnamon spice candle will set the seasonal mood, and a thick wool rug can add warmth and texture for a cozy escape.

For spring and summer, bust out the floral prints, the citrus colors, and the fresh flowers. Dot house plants around your space to bring the outside in, and if your going for “airy”, make use of that all-time favorite: white.

If your window treatments are a simple rod set up, consider swapping out your curtains from season to season. For warmer months, try thin, sheer, lesser insulated linen curtains. For colder seasons, get something thicker and more insulated with bolder colors and patterns. And if the space is a bedroom, you can even swap out your comforter or duvet cover to reflect the seasons as well.

It might seem like overkill to have two sets of decor for the warm and cool seasons, by I truly believe that our surroundings effect the way we experience and enjoy life. In a place like Michigan, where our weather fluctuates to such extremes, our interiors need to be able to balance and compliment those extreme changes.

For other great tips on seasonal styling, check out Stylist Emily Henderson or Design Sponge.

Thanks so much for your question, Rachel! And I hope you and other found this helpful. Now go forth, and style!


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