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Vivid IV Health: a Grand Rapids IV Infusion Lounge | Day Session Diaries

A Designed in a Day Success Story

Last winter, small business owners Mike and Amy Balk reached out to schedule a Designed in a Day session.

Their project? A hip new business in one of downtown Grand Rapids' coolest areas.

The newly opened business is an IV Infusion Lounge called Vivid IV Health, and is located on Commerce Ave downtown.

They offer treatments for enhanced athletic performance, immune system boosts, and even a "hang over drip", which can both help prevent and cure hangovers.

When I first saw the space, it was essentially a large empty box: polished concrete floors, beige walls, and big windows.

They described their vision to me as such:

"We would like to achieve a spa like feel that is appealing to all genders with an energetic downtown vibe—but cozy at the same time. We'd like our clients to have a welcoming and relaxing environment, while ensuring they leave feeling refreshed and energized."

That sounds like a place I'd love to hang out!

Planning the Furniture Layout

First up was to plan out the flow for the space. The room was large, but not giant, so figuring out how to maximize the space was going to be super important. In the main room (they also have private rooms!) we wanted to have space for nine clients at full capacity.

When I looked at the space, I decided to break it up into two "zones". Essentially, I created two back to back living room spaces. This would allow for maximum seating options while also creating the cozy feel of sitting in a smaller, inviting living room.

The Lounge Furniture Selections

For our furniture, we wanted pieces that would meet the following needs: cost effective, comfortable for sitting for at least an hour, in-style, and in-stock so they could open their doors as soon as possible!

Their branding colors are green and white, so we stuck with that color scheme and added in some warm wood tones and leather pieces.

For our sofas, we chose a faux leather because it would be easy to clean, and for the chairs, we chose a dark emerald velvet armchair, as the darker fabric would hold up much better long-term than something in a lighter fabric.

We wanted to use rugs to make the space feel cozy, and we decided to utilize indoor-outdoor rugs since they would be getting a lot of foot traffic. Additionally, we chose coffee tables that clients could feel comfortable putting their feet on, which is important for the IV treatments.

Instead of the usual medical IV holders, we found some very cool tree-like coat hangers, which added some fun pizzaz to the space.

Below you can see their space in-progress and almost finished:

We also planned what paint colors would go where, which included a warm off-white for the majority of the walls accented by a calming darker green.

You can see in the photos that the combination of greens, plants, warm leather, and lots of texture makes for a very peaceful visual, while still feeling hip and current.

Reception Area Design

In their reception area, we designed a custom desk that with a vibrant green hex tile laid on the front. This would contrast a beautiful white textured tile wall, which would run all the way up to the ceiling.

Immediately inside the door to the right, we planned for a long bench with a massive piece of artwork hanging above. This small area would make a big statement when you entered the space, and would also create some seating for clients waiting to be checked in.

The Wrap Up

Designed in a Day sessions are a great option for small businesses like Vivid IV Health.

I understand that when you're first starting a business, you can't necessarily designate a massive budget for design—but I bet you could use some help creating a plan that you can can execute on your own!

Mike & Amy left our session with the above style boards and floor plan, along with links to local sources for tile and labor, as well links for all recommended furniture and decor which they could then order directly through our online portal using a one-click checkout.

A few months later, my clients have completely executed their design plan and are now open for business! I'm so proud of them!!

And if you haven't yet, head to their website and schedule your first IV Infusion treatment today and experience the wonder of IV infusion.


- Lauren, XOXO


Let's Work Together!

Are you a small business who needs a refresh? Are you opening a brand new brick and mortar location?

To find out whether your own project might be a good fit for a Designed in a Day session, simply complete our project intake form here and I'll reach out to schedule a discovery call.

I'd love to help you bring your vision to life!

Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet!


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