Vivid IV Health: a Grand Rapids IV Infusion Lounge | Day Session Diaries

A Designed in a Day Success Story

Last winter, small business owners Mike and Amy Balk reached out to schedule a Designed in a Day session.

Their project? A hip new business in one of downtown Grand Rapids' coolest areas.

The newly opened business is an IV Infusion Lounge called Vivid IV Health, and is located on Commerce Ave downtown.

They offer treatments for enhanced athletic performance, immune system boosts, and even a "hang over drip", which can both help prevent and cure hangovers.

When I first saw the space, it was essentially a large empty box: polished concrete floors, beige walls, and big windows.

They described their vision to me as such:

We would like to achieve a spa like feel that is appealing to all genders with an energetic downtown vibe—but cozy at the same time. We'd like our clients to have a welcoming and relaxing environment, while ensuring they leave feeling refreshed and energized.

That sounds like a place I'd love to hang out!

Planning the Furniture Layout

First up was to plan out the flow for the space. The room was large, but not giant, so figuring out how to maximize the space was going to be super important. In the main room (they also have private rooms!) we wanted to have space for nine clients at full capacity.

When I looked at the space, I decided to break it up into two "zones". Essentially, I created two back to back living room spaces. This would allow for maximum seating options while also creating the cozy feel of sitting in a smaller, inviting living room.