Fitzgerald Condo Kitchen Reveal

It's finally here, friends! Our Fitzgerald Condo is 100% complete, and we'll be revealing the spaces to you over the next several weeks. ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM!? And let me tell you, our photographer Alyssa Wagner really outdid herself this time!!! Let's dive in...

First up: The KITCHEN!

As you can see in the original layout, when you entered the condo, the kitchen was closed off by a large wall and peninsula, making it feel much like a bull-pen. While it had a ton of storage in lower cabinets, the walled-off entry allowed basically no natural light to reach the foyer and created a ton of wasted space in the entry. As soon as I saw the space, I knew (if it were possible) that the wall had to go!

Original Kitchen

(it looks way bigger in the photo than it actually was thanks to a wide-angle lens)

Completed Kitchen

We maintained the location of the sink and range, as they were in logical places, and this also saves on cost. For the wall ovens and fridge, we swung those items around to the same wall as the range, with the new location of the fridge in what used to be the pantry. We then nixed the peninsula and added in a large, functional island with storage and seating. This allows our client to walk into the condo and view a completely open space with tons of natural light—a much nicer greeting when entering your home!

Original Floorplan

Planned Floorplan

The new kitchen floorplan required us to get creative with our storage options since we were removing the pantry, in addition to the lower cabinets in the peninsula. We gained storage on the working side of the island, and to add a little vertical interest, we created one counter-to-ceiling tower along the window wall. To make this piece a little more of a design-focal-point, we added a custom leaded-glass door crafted by Kolanda Art Glass with reproduction vintage glass. The door turned out SO beautifully—I'm in love!

To maintain the continuity of the cabinetry and create a space that felt super custom, we utilized a panel ready fridge. This means that you're able to have a custom cabinet door panel made to lay over the fridge door and make it appear like cabinetry. This continued the dark, dreamy color of the cabinets all the way around the kitchen and made everything feel balanced. We also replaced the original wine fridge with a panel-ready wine fridge, which brought the color of the cabinets to that large wall as well.

For the range wall design, I must confess, I went BACK and FORTH over whether to design this area symmetrically or asymmetrically. See my two options below. My gut told me to go with asymmetrical; the wall was already designed asymmetrically with the large built-ins on the right for the ovens and fridge. Going with two lights made the hanging shelf feel small and the right side of the wall feel heavy. I'm also all about embracing asymmetrical balance, so while many of my designer peers urged me to go with the two light option, I trusted my gut, and in the end, I am SUPER happy that I did!

Option with Two Lights

Option with One Light

Our client loves to travel, and much of the inspiration she showed me felt vintage English-inspired. Lots of marble, gold tones, detailed hardware, wood elements, and bold but muted colors. We went with a suuuuper dark almost-black blue paint for the perimeter cabinets and a weathered-grey stained oak for the custom island. Since the cabinets and counters were different tones, we married them together with the same countertops and cabinet hardware.