Brightening Up A Dark and Dated Bungalow Living Room

Today we're taking looking at the final space in our recent Alger Bungalow renovation project—the living room! If you missed it, we recently blogged the kitchen, bathroom, and dinging room spaces, so once you're finished here, pop over to those posts and take a look at these additional spaces!

The living room space was a fantastic canvas to work with: cove ceilings, brick fireplace, gorgeous original wood floors—all the core elements were there!

For our furniture layout, I wanted to swap the sofa to the opposite wall and put the TV on the large, internal wall. This would allow for more comfortable TV viewing (less glare from the window), and while I don't always recommend furniture in front of a window, in this case, I'd rather have one long line of the sofa layered over a window than a taller, blockier item like a TV.

// BEFORE //

// AFTER //