Project Update: A Snazzy Furniture Package for A Newly Renovated House on Spring Lake

Alright folks - a little project update for you!

This darling project is out on beautiful Spring Lake. Our clients worked with LA Based Interior Designer Kristen Hutchins for their finishes and fixtures and wanted to bring in a local designer for the furnishings and decor. This has been especially fun because, though I've not yet met Kristen, it's felt like a sort of design collaboration!

I wanted to carry Kristen's design aesthetic through in the furnishings and decor so that the project would feel cohesive, like the same person had designed all the elements. If you take a look at Kristen's portfolio, you might notice something that is generally absent from LFID projects....did you guess it? COLOR. She is a PRO at using bold, bright, beautiful colors in her spaces.

So first, I spent some time simply studying her portfolio, the ways she blends colors, styles, and textures. Her spaces are very layered, which I love, and carry a little more of a California Glammy vibe.

a few inspiration photos provided by our client

Our client personally describes her style as "rustic glam", loving the blend of natural wood elements with modern, more feminine touches. The home is transitional in style and will have a lot of traditional elements (beautiful original wood floors, floor to ceiling windows, arches, a formal sitting area and grand central staircase that welcomes you when you enter the house), but Kristen incorporated a lot of modern glam touches into the finish package as well: Shiny metal accents, bold blue lacquer paint on the builtin shelves in the study, black interior doors throughout and black cabinets in the kitchen. It's going to be so beautiful!

So here's a little peak at what we're up to so far.

Below you can see our initial furniture selections for several of the rooms. Not all fabrics are not included here, but you can get a sense of the overall style: