Project Update: Four Room Furnishing Project in Beautiful Traverse City

Time for a little project update!

We've been hard at work on this project for a while now and are excited to be nearing the finish line. Orders have been placed and pieces are gradually arriving and being carefully inspected at our warehouse to be stored until the big installation day.

The project mandate was to furnish and decorate four spaces in this newly built Traverse City house:

1) Living Room

2) Master Bedroom

3) Guest Bedroom

4) Lower Level TV Area

The client's style is a blend of cali costal and modern Scandinavian, which we were super pumped about! The couple wanted a neutral palette (yay!), with layers of texture and a nice blend of wood and metal. If you follow LFID closely, you know this is our favorite style to work with!

The Living Room

The living room will feature two spindle lounge chairs opposite a sofa with beautiful clean lines. The show stopper of the space will be chunky, modern 46" waxed oak coffee table, and we've blended in a nice variety of accent lighting. We've since changed a few of the pieces from the original style board, but the overall design will remain.

Living Room Layout

Living Room Style Board

The Master Bedroom

The master has beautiful structural features, including a brick accent wall and reclaimed natural wood floors, which is always a treat to work with. The couple has a giant walk in closet not pictured in the layout below, so since there wasn't much need for storage in the master bedroom, we designed a seating area with a large comfy sofa - perfect for morning coffee or reading with the kids. We again utilized a blend of different wood species, stains, and metal finishes, and kept an overall neutral palette with grays and taupes, accented with a bit of blush.

Master Bedroom Layout

Master Bedroom Style Board

The Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom currently functions as storage for the family's impressive board game collection, but with a stunning view of Lake Michigan, it will soon be a perfect retreat for the family's guests. We still needed a place for the boardgames to live, so we've specified two dramatic pine bookshelves to span the back wall. The color palette for this space is mainly black and white, tone-on-tone (you know me!), allowing the beautiful view to remain the focal point. We've designed a sweet little seating area where guests can enjoy morning coffee or an evening drink, and since there's no closet storage, we've included a fun little garment rack for guests to hang clothing.

Guest Room Layout

Guest Room Style Board

The Lower Level

The lower level had several existing pieces that we worked around, but we added in some fun storage and accent seating. Instead of a coffee table, we're using a chunky modular ottoman in a fun striped fabric, a credenza to house snacks and be a home for their popcorn machine, as well as a modern walnut TV stand to live beneath their giant TV. For artwork, the plan is to create a fun gallery wall surrounding the TV, which will blend onto the opposite wall, making it a playful space to watch movies or hang out as a family.

Lower Level Layout

Lower Level Style Board

Stay Tuned

We love sharing our progress on current projects! Stay tuned (oh so soon!) for the finished space.

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