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The Bold Blue and White Primary Bedroom in Our Grand Rapids House on Madison Ave. | Home Tour Part 3

So, this is pretty much the space we live in. For having such a big house, we mostly just hang out in our bedroom. We watch TV here, eat in here, and sometimes I literally work from this bed all. day. long...I know, I know, its bad sleep hygiene, whatever.

*Disclaimer: our room never, ever, looks this pristine.

Reality: plates stacked on the dresser, 3-4 empty coffee mugs, Ruby's toys everywhere, and a handful of clothing articles sprinkled about the floor. BUT, now its captured in pristine condition forevermore, and it makes me happy to look at the photos.

The paint colors were here when we moved in (other than the dining room and my office, we really haven't done much painting. Previous owners had seriously good taste!). The dark blue partial wall gives us that moody vibe without totally taking over the space.

The jute rug I snagged of FB Marketplace for $75. I'll let that register, a 9'x13' brand spanking new in-the-package jute rug ---- for 75 bucks!! Let's just say I was pleased with myself.

Dresser is from our last house and a piece I picked up on Craig's List. I love the piece, and at certain times of the day the colors are simply magnificent against the blue wall.

Nightstands and pharmacy lamps are from Allmodern. I'd used the table in a previous project and really loved the quality for the price, and since we had a very tiny amount of room for tables, these seemed like a good option (and btw, the super cool frames are from HyperOptik on Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids).

The small bookshelf above is one I stole from my parents in high school and painted white (its ugly brown veneer beneath). It's not the prettiest little thing, but it's functional! And the cafe table was a gift from my parents at our wedding shower. It's really meant to be an outdoor set, but we've enjoyed having a table in our room. It makes the space super functional!

Our bedding, curtains, and majority of accessories are all from Homegoods (my jam for a quick cost-effective update) with a few vintage/thrift finds mixed in.

The headboard was here when we moved in and we thought it we cool, so it stayed. I have plans to change it in the future, but for now, I like it just fine.

Below is the view from our bathroom/closet into the bedroom. It's a dreamy view and I love it!

And finally, the matching pieces of art below are framed pages of photographer Chris Cox's book Beholder.

Photos by Alyssa & Drew Photographers


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