Home Tour Part 3: The Master

So, this is pretty much the space we live in. For having such a big house, we mostly just hang out in our bedroom. We watch TV here, eat in here, and sometimes I literally work from this bed all. day. long...I know, I know, its bad sleep hygiene, whatever.

Also, it never, ever, looks this pristine. Reality: plates stacked on the dresser, 3-4 empty coffee mugs, Ruby's toys everywhere, and a handful of clothing articles sprinkled about the floor. BUT, now its captured in pristine condition forevermore, and it makes me happy to look at the photos.

  • Our headboard was there when we moved in and we thought it we cool, so it stayed.

  • Paint colors were also there previously (other than the dining room and my office, we really haven't done much painting. Previous owners had seriously good taste!).

  • The rug I snagged of FB Marketplace for $75. I'll let that register, a 9'x13' brand spanking new jute rug ---- for 75 bucks!! Lets just say I was pleased with myself.

  • Dresser is from our last house and a piece I picked up on Craig's List. I love the piece, and at certain times of the day the colors are simply magnificent.

  • Nightstands and pharmacy lamps are from Allmodern.

  • Small bookshelf is one I stole from my parents in high school and painted white (its ugly brown veneer beneath). It's not the prettiest little thing, but it's functional!

  • Cafe table was a gift from my parents at our wedding shower. It's really meant to be an outdoor set, but we've enjoyed having a table in our room. It makes the space super functional!

  • Bedding, curtains, and majority of accessories are all from Homegoods (my jam!) with a few vintage/thrift finds mixed in.

  • Matching pieces of art are framed pages of photographer Chris Cox's book Beholder. Full disclosure, they're hung sideways...but it's what the space needed! I love the pop of color, which, if you know me, is actually not my thing. I'm not a huge color lover! But in this space, it does in fact make me happy.