5 Ways To Decorate Your Space With Books

March is a really cool month. Not only does spring begin (bring on the balmy breezes and the fresh flowers please!), but it's also reading month. You just can't beat a month that is dedicated to books.

In honor of this distinguished month and the literary tradition, we thought we'd share five fun ways to spice up your space with BOOKS! We don't always think of books as décor pieces but those favorite volumes and beloved collections can serve a dual purpose when put on display. Just take a peek below...

A stack of aged books topped with flowers.

1) Stack!

One of the easiest and yet best ways to decorate with books is to display a stack of them. This is a favorite go-to for me. Simply select some attractive volumes and arrange them on an end table, desk, or mantel. Choose books of differing sizes and colors to create an intriguing variation.

Artistically arranged books by Lauren Figueroa.

Books beautifying a mantel in a space by Lauren Figueroa.