Coverings 2017 Tiny House Tours

My adventure at the Coverings Show last month brought together my love for tiny homes, beautiful tile, and creative designs. This week, I’m thrilled to be bringing you two videos from the event showcasing the three tiny homes that were installed, including our West Michigan House. Take a peek below!

Tiny Home Tours with Karen LeBlanc:

In this video, Karen LeBlanc from The Design Tourist shows LFID's West Michigan House, as well as the Retro Bungalow by Kim Lewis and The Vitruvian by Nikki Vega. We each offered insight into what inspired our designs, how we worked with the tile, and our innovations for making a small home functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

Designer and Installer Interviews

This clip provides a brief interview with each of the designers and with the tile installers. See how we all faced the challenge of creating a home primarily done in tile and how we were surprised by it!

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