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Yes, Interior Designers Do Outdoor Spaces!

You might be surprised at the title of this post. Interior designers do outdoor spaces? Come on now, really? But the answer is: most definitely yes! Patios, decks, and lakeside areas, though outdoors, require all the same design elements as an indoor space. It’s easy to focus on your home and gloss over the yard, but if you’re not making the most of your outdoor area then you’re missing out!

What An Interior Designer Can Do For Your Outdoor Space:

Furniture Selection

Swings, tables, hammocks, and lounge chairs make up just a few of the furniture options for your outdoor space. Just like inside, you want furniture that is comfortable and appealing, but you also need it to be equally durable and weather resistant.

Outdoor Accessories

To cozy up your space and bring the inside out, an interior designer can help you choose rugs, lanterns, plants, and smaller decor pieces to make a truly polished space. Don’t forget about practical elements, like lighting, either! If you intend to read, cook, or socialize in the evening, having ample lighting is essential.

Traffic Flow

Patios and poolside areas are often social places used for hosting gatherings. Just like with your indoor area, an interior designer will help you think through how people will travel throughout the space. This includes how people will get from inside to the outer area, as well as how to encourage guests to socialize and stay together with so much outdoor space available.

Big-Ticket Items

Dreaming of an outdoor kitchen? Wishing for a stone fireplace as your focal point? Great! Let’s do it! Deciding where and how to incorporate these big pieces is exactly what an interior designer can help you do.

A Seamless Design

From indoors to outdoors, you want a seamless transition. Your outdoor area does not have to mimic the inside of your house, but you do want it to be equally personal and unique. A designer can help you subtly transition from one space to the next without losing the overall feel of your home.


Work with Lauren Figueroa Interior Design

LFID is a full-service interior design firm serving West and Southeast Michigan. We work with clients across West and Southeast Michigan (Detroit metro, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Holland) and anywhere in between, and we pride ourselves on creating bespoke, people-centered spaces—because after all, people are what this life is all about!

If you have a project on the horizon, get started by telling us a little about your vision here.

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