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The Five Staples Of Christmas Décor

When I moved into my first home and the holidays came around, I remember being thrilled to have my own place to fill with cozy Christmas décor. The stores were laden with evergreen garlands, rosy bulbs and the sparkle of lights.

Choosing from amongst all of the decorating options was no easy feat. How do you achieve just the right blend of decorations so that your home feels festive but not like the North Pole exploded in your living room?

A Christmas tree with red and gold decorations.

It’s all about the five staples of Christmas Décor! These five elements are timeless and create a blend of indoor and outdoor decorations, including everything you need from lighting to natural pieces. Just take a look below for some decorating tips to start getting you in the holiday mood:

1) Lights

There is nothing quite like the cheery glow that Christmas lights give. Traditionally used to outline your rooftop or trees, Christmas lights can be used in all sorts of other ways too!

A string of white Christmas lights wound around a piece of greenery.

Try winding soft white lights around greenery for a natural way to decorate your bannister. Place loose bundles of lights in jars for a rustic look. String lights across shelves, cork boards, the ceiling or even bedposts for a hint of Christmas cheer. Don’t feel you have to light up everything though. Just a touch here and there will go a long way!

A jar full of white twinkle lights.

Bundling white twinkle lights in mason jars is a great way to create cozy lantern lighting.

2) Wreaths

When guests arrive at your home what is one of the first things they see? Your front door. This is the entryway to your space, your home, a place that you want to be warm and inviting. In many ways, your door sets the tone of your house, so you want the Christmas décor to start there. One of the simplest ways to do this is with a wreath.

A natural wreath with pinecone accents.

Create a natural wreath by mixing sprigs of

evergreen with pinecones and berries.

Wreaths can be made out of almost anything: ribbons, branches, berries and even sweaters! You also can’t beat a classic evergreen wreath with frosted edges and twining ribbon. If you’re struggling to decide what kind of wreath you want, think about your inside decorations first. Is there a theme to your décor? Whether it’s vintage, natural or based on color, try pulling that theme into your wreath as well.

A wreath with cinnamon sticks, orange slices and pinecones on it.

This wreath features orange slices, cinnamon

sticks and pinecones for a unique and tasty look.

3) Candles

If you’re a returning reader to the blog then you know that I’m a huge proponent of candles! Their inviting glow and scents add a cozy element to any house during the holidays. Candles can be used on tables, bannisters, shelves and mantels. Try jar candles if you’re going country or invest in some elegant pillar candles if you want a vintage look.

A set of four tea candles.

For those of you celebrating with little ones, Luminara candles are flame-effect alternatives that offer the same warm lighting while keeping curious hands safe. Time and again I’ve heard people ask if these candles are real only to hear them gasp a moment later. They’re available in a variety of colors, shapes and styles to give you all the options that regular candles offer.

A mantel decorated with Luminara candles and greenery.

Luminara candles make for beautiful and safe

mantel decorations. (Photo from Luminara.)

4) The Mantel

A fireplace acts as a focal point, making the mantel above it an essential space to decorate. This is an ideal place for draping garland and adding in natural elements like branches, apples and pinecones.

Stockings hanging from a mantel decorated with burlap, greenery and pinecones.

Decorating a mantel can be as simple as using greenery and ribbon.

And don't forget your stockings! (Photo courtesy of Personal Creations.)

The key is to fill up space without making it cluttered. One way to create this balance is by adding a variety of heights: three different sized jars or candles for instance, with low-lying greenery laid out below them. This will fill in your mantel without overwhelming your senses.

A mantel decorated with gold snowflakes, stockings and bulbs.

Bold letters are another great way to decorate your mantel, such as the

red letters spelling out "joy" above. (Photo courtesy of Personal Creations.)

5) The Tree

What is the first thing you think of when someone says Christmas decorations? There’s a good chance it’s the Christmas tree! For many, the tree is the crowning jewel in their décor and its decorations often determine the rest of their house.

A Christmas tree decorated in red, white and gold.

Tree decorating options are endless, from eclectic trees full of children’s handmade ornaments to stylized ones that center on a theme or color combination. Themes can focus around everything from stars to rustic elements, while popular colors include gold, silver, white, red, and ice blue. I’ve even seen trees done in purple or pink with success!

When it comes to your tree, as always, the goal is to fill in space without overdoing it. Make sure your tree is balanced from every side and don’t forget finishing touches like garland or ribbon.

An elegant Christmas tree with gold bulbs and leaf ornaments.


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