How to Design a Multi-Use Room in an Open-Concept Space by Creating "Zones"

Hello, friends!

I've been spending an awful lot of time up in our loft since shutting down our Airbnb in June. It's been SO lovely since this room is the sunniest space in our house, AND, it has my all-time favorite detail of any room in existence...CEILING FANS.

I know, I know...not all that exciting, but for some reason, I'm a huge sucker for ceiling fans. Maybe it's because growing up, my older brothers' room had one, but not mine, and I always wanted one too. It wasn't until my 23rd birthday after I'd been living back at my parents for a few years when I finally did get one. However, I got married and moved out a year later, so alas, the shining season of living with a ceiling fan in my bedroom was short-lived...anyhow, our attic is the one space in our house with ceiling fans, so I take advantage whenever I can!

All that to say, I've been spending a lot of time up here (as opposed to sitting in my very dark office), and yesterday, I was struck by how incredibly functional this space is. There's nothing particularly special about the room itself—it's just a big, 800sqft box with an a-frame ceiling line. BUT, because we wanted it to function as a sort of complete home-away-from-home for our guests, we were super intentional about the pieces we put in here and how we set them up.

We needed the space to be a bedroom, living area, and dining area alike, so we had to figure out how to create "zones" with our furniture that would help accomplish that goal! Here's how we did it...

In this single room, we have eight different "zones" that each serve a specific function. It's essentially a "tiny house", minus the bathroom and full kitchen. What I also love about this area is that it's a great example of how you can do A LOT with just furniture. I'll talk about this later in the post, but sometimes you may think you need to add walls or move walls or do some major overhaul when really what you need is to be a little more intentional with your space planning.

Take a look at the floorplan below to see how I've broken out the zones, and then we'll talk through the function of each zone and how we pulled it off:

Our Loft Layout by "Zone"

Zone 1: Dining Area