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The Psychedelic Sofa I Forgot I Ordered... New House Tour Part One

Alright, friends! The Stonewall Farms house tour begins...

I realize it's a bit ironic that the home tour series is launching just two weeks after we listed the house for sale again...but hey, I've had these blog posts ready to go and scheduled for a few months now, so it was not exactly my intention 😅

I'll get in to all the moving stuff at a later time (short story is, we're not moving!) but for now, it's time to see some beautiful photos of our house—because as of this moment it is still our house!—by my gal Alyssa Wagner (p.s. if you need an amazing photographer for any of your life events, check her out here).

First up? We're tackling the living room. Let's do it!

Aside from the kitchen, this is probably the most-used room in our house. It has the most comfortable sofa, and with TV/movie watching being our favorite pre-bedtime pastime, we spend a lot of time snuggled up in here with an adult bev, not to mention coffee in the mornings in colder months (warmer months, we've been enjoying the sunroom in the morning), and tea time on the occasional afternoon.

Below is a photo of the space from the listing before we moved in. The walls were originally buttery yellow, which was honestly very pretty, but I wasn't quite feeling it for this room. The first thing we did in here was paint the walls Sherwin Williams Pearly White.

The room is set up with a long L-shaped sectional in the far corner, a tall enclosed bookcase to house our giant collection of books, and a long credenza with a TV above.

I placed a floor mirror in this space as a temporary holding spot for it when we were redesigning the guest room, and I ended up using it so often that it's just sort of stayed.

When we were looking at the house, I was a little bummed that it didn't have a fireplace or builtin bookshelves. Our Madison house had a non-functioning fireplace that we'd always talked about converting to gas (rumor has it that the new owners did it!!), and I loooove snuggling up by a fire.

If we send up staying here long term, someday I'd love to figure out how to add one (surrounded by beautiful built-ins) to the living room, but I wouldn't even consider doing something like that without a general contractor, and with things the way they are currently in the industry, a GC won't even glance at a job this small. Just the way it is...So, for now, no fireplace!

Most of the pieces in the living room came from our Madison house...the little exposed frame accent chair, the wood drum table, the media console, the coffee table...I was happy that so many of the pieces from our last house felt at home in this space.

The Frame TV above the media console was a bit of a point of contention...Larry wanted a higher tech OLED TV, but I didn't like that it looked, well, LIKE A TV...HA! Plus, I'd been wishing for a Frame TV for, I donno, seven years or something?? Soooo we compromised—The Frame TV upstairs, fancy OLED downstairs. Win-win!

So, here's the saga of the sofa...

We ordered the sofa as soon as we closed on the house in 2020, since lead times were so long. Unfortunately the fabric we originally chose was discontinued by the time they got around to building our sofa, so we had to choose something else.

And apparently, this is what I chose!

Don't get me wrong, I love the fabric, so chalk it up to moving across the state and having the busiest work year of my career, but I did NOT remember the fabric looking this way!.

I have to say, when the sofa showed up, I was like...ummmmmm...I think I ordered a psychedelic sofa!!? I texted my gal Andrea (check her out at Willow and Twig) and was like... ummmm.... WHAT DID I DO?!

But she calmed me down, saying we could absolutely make it work, just let the sofa be the loudest piece in the room. Such wisdom!!

It's definitely grown on me (though some of my friends hate it—looking at you, Chris! LOL—it's a very polarizing fabric hahaha). BUT, it is SOOOOOO durable, so easy to clean, and no dogs claws will ever puncture this baby.

The biggest struggle for this room has been finding the right rug to compliment and not compete with the sofa.

I mean, I found the perfect rug, and have loved it for many years, but I'm just not ready to pull the trigger on it. A really nice (new) rug of this size can cost upwards of six grand, which is totally worth it when you think about the wear it will get, but I just can't justify it right now, especially if we were to move soon.

So, for now, the current rug will live on in here! (its actually grown on me a lot...)

The larger side table is vintage from Changing Thymes in Grandville, and the lamp (linked here!) is one I'd been eyeing for a long time from one of my trade sources. It feels quirky and eclectic, which definitely goes with my overall vibe.

All the artwork in this room is by yours truly. I wanted pieces that would visually enhance the space without being overly loud. For the two pieces over the sofa, I used quick-dry drywall mud to create some funky texture, and then painted the canvases the same color as the walls.

I used the same process for the tiny gray piece next to the bookcase, re-using an old canvas from my college art class days. The larger piece behind the accent chair has gone through many renditions. I definitely overcomplicated it at first, but it's a bit more toned down now, and feeling a little more settled. Eventually I may do another canvas to go on the other side of the TV as well.

You might not be able to notice in the photos, but the lower half of the windows in this room (and it a lot of rooms in our house) are frosted. While we no longer live in the city where people and their dogs walk by every ten minutes, our doggo still finds things to stress about.

The frost is a somewhat effective solution at keeping ourselves sane! It still allows in light, but blocks the view at her level, and it's super easy to remove if needed. Big thanks to our dog trainer, Sara Crocket (Contingent on Kindness), for this idea!

Future plans for this room if we decide to stay here long term include an updated light fixture (been eyeing this one for a bit), along with SOMEDAY adding the fireplace and builtins. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect rug, and I'd love to add a larger coffee table at some point as well.

I'd also love to find a MASSIVE tree of some kind to live to the right of the media console, but I'm not sure if there are plants that large that do well with low light—if you know of any, let me know in the comments!!


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