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Recipe for a Well-Made Bed (and a Less-Stressed Day!)

One great but simple thing I do almost every day that I find incredibly helpful is this: I make the bed.

That's it! Takes me 5 minutes.

Then, throughout the day when I walk through or past the room, I don't see a messy bed, which would then make me think about all the things I need to do at home. Instead, I see a nicely made bed, which helps me feel calm and at least a little in control in what is a time of feeling very out of control.

What I'm going to do today, using our old AirBNB bed, is to give you my quick formula for a tidy, well-made bed that doesn't take a lot of time and isn't super fussy. First, I'll break down the components of what goes into it, and then show you how I put it all together. Let's do it!

Components of a Well-Made Bed

1. Sheet Set

First up is a set of bright white sheets and pillowcases. White sheets feel clean, bright, and luxurious, and you can always bleach them if you spill something on them.

2. Duvet Cover + Insert

Next up is a duvet cover with duvet insert. This is ideal if you like a little variety in your decor because you can easily and affordably swap out the duvet cover.

3. Sleeping Pillows

I like to use four sleeping pillows with two different softnesses. This is especially important in our AirBNB since our guests likely each have different sleeping styles. I utilize two very cushy, down-like pillows and two that are more firm.

4. Decorative Pillows

In this example, we have a set of two matching 20" decorative pillows paired with one medium-sized lumbar. If you like even more simplicity, go with a single, large lumbar pillow instead.

5. Decorative Throw

Last up is a decorative throw. In my case, I'm all about the neutral tones, so I went with something textured that worked well in my color palette.

Putting it All Together

Ta-da! Now that's a nicely made bed. Let's talk through the elements!

First up, I pull my top sheet alllll the way to the top of the bed (see how it's below the sleeping pillows?) and make sure to smooth it out as best I can. This makes for a nice base for the rest of my elements.

Next up, I fold down my duvet cover to make space for the decorative pillows. If you have a lot of decorative pillows, or very large ones, feel free to fold the duvet down even further.

Then, I like to stack my sleeping pillows longways behind my decorative pillows with the open ends of the pillowcases facing out. This makes the bed feel simple, clean, and hotel-like. I then pop my two decorative pillows + lumbar pillow in front of the stacked sleeping pillows. And of course, in true Figueroa fashion, be sure to "chop" your pillows as well (if they are choppable—not all pillows are!).

Finally, fold your decorative throw in half and lay it across the end of your bed. Depending on how big your throw is, you may need to fold it twice. In this case, I pulled the throw just over the edge of the foot of the bed to highlight the adorable tassels that hang down.

So there you have it! A tidy, well-made bed. Nothing fussy, takes literally five minutes, and I guarantee it will make you feel better about your day and just-a-little in control. Try it out yourself, and share a photo of your nicely-made bed with our community in the comments below!

Cheers, friends,

Lauren Figueroa


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