A Bathroom Fit for a Queen: Fitzgerald Condo Reveal, Part 3

It's main bath reveal time, folks!

I'm excited to share this reveal with you because we went through a number of different plans with this particular space. When we originally signed with this client, our plan in the bathroom was minimal: we were going to replace the vanity but reuse the counters and existing fixtures throughout, and paint. That was pretty much the extent of the scope in that room.

After living in the space for a while, our client decided we definitely needed to get rid of the odd, teeny tiny tub in the bathroom. In its place, we decided we'd create a built-in window seat with storage for linens. Here's what we were planning there:

Plan #2: Remove Tub & add Window Seat Storage

We road this train for a while, and then the email came:

What if we were to go with a stand-alone bathtub instead of the window seat?

Friends, I'll be honest, I did not know if we could swing it. That space was TEENY and SKINNY, and I wasn't sure we'd find a tub (let alone a stand-alone tub) that would fit. But, we went to our friends at our bath design center and ended up finding the only. single. tub. that would possibly work in that space, AND—get this—it was the absolute PERFECT style for this bathroom! A white, high back, clawfoot beauty!

And then, of course, the bathroom became one of those if you give a mouse a cookie scenarios, only in the best of ways. The bathroom project morphed so many times along the way, and the only real elements that ended up staying were the shower wall tile and the original marble countertop.

Tub View Before

Tub View After