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The Fitzgerald Condo gets a Harry Potter Inspired Guest Room Perfect for Hosting

Who's ready for more reveal pics from our Fitzgerald Condo Remodel?!

This post, we're looking at the guest bedroom. Our client has a big family and loves to host, so this space could definitely not be overlooked!

The original inspiration for this space was "the Harry Potter Room", which I'll be honest, I sort of LOVE. While we didn't make this theme super obvious, I think we captured the essence of Harry Potter in a subtle, mature way.

Let's dive in...

The Guest Bedroom Before

The previous version of this space included a darkish, mauve paint color on the wall with dark wood floors, and a large ceiling fan.

The current darker color drew a lot of attention to the odd ceiling lines, so as in the rest of the condo, we planned be brightening up the walls. Below, you can see the first version of our plan for this space:

Guest Bedroom Style Board: Version #1

guest bedroom style board; Lauren Figueroa interior design

Our client had two gold bookshelves from her previous home that we planned to use in this space. These would be home to her many beautiful law books (if I didn't mention it, she's an attorney!).

Since we weren't concerned with making space for bulkier storage pieces like dressers, as this would mainly function to host short-term guests, we felt this would be a great option.

In this room, we brightened up the walls with the same off-white tone we used throughout, swapped out the bulky ceiling fan for one that matched the foyer, and as in the rest of the home, we updated the wood flooring to our new, wide-plank mid-tone hardwood.

As I mentioned before, window/ceiling lines in this space were a little odd, so rather than figuring out a funky way to do curtains—which would only draw attention to this detail—we stuck with solely the existing wood blinds.

Furniture Layout (Smaller, Middle Bedroom)

condo floor plan by lauren figueroa interior design

The furniture setup in this space was pretty straightforward. The space isn't large and there was just one wall that made sense for the headboard.

To bring a little drama to this smaller space, we used a handsome, wing-backed upholstered headboard in a beautiful, velvety fabric, and layered that above a hand-knotted vintage-inspired wool rug (this rug feels especially Harry Potter to me...).

Our pillow fabric selection was chosen with care to coordinate with the patterns and colors in the rug, and our charcoal blue duvet cover added some nice contrast to the rest of the palette.

For our nightstands, we needed something that didn't take up too much floor space and wanted something that looked vintage.

We didn't need them to offer much storage since, again, this space wouldn't need to function for long-term stays, but we wanted at least one small drawer. These smaller wood side tables did the trick and offered just the right style. I especially love the detail of the drawer pulls.

It's safe to say I'm obsessed with this rug. I don't typically go for overly warm tones like this, but for some reason this one called my name. This was actually a fairly colorful space for me! Blues, oranges, reds, gold, and pink. I'm super happy with the way the colors worked together in this space!

Below light fixture coordinates with our entryway light fixture. You can see that over on the kitchen reveal post. I sometimes like to reuse an element, like a light fixture, in a few different areas of my spaces, just for continuity.

Lastly, since there wasn't much surface area on the nightstands, I wanted to use wall-mounted lamps so that they didn't take up space on the tables. This also creates some vertical interest.

We chose a brass finish for our lamps to tie in with the overhead light fixture and add a variety of materials.

I LOVE wall mounted lamps because you get the permanent feel of sconces, but you don't have to have them hardwired by an electrician. If you're comfortable using a power drill, it's definitely something you can install yourself and add some major charm to your space!


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