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9 Elements to Include to Create The Coziest—Most Practical—Breakfast Nook Ever

I don't know about you, but Larry and I are always talking about a way to add a cozy breakfast nook into our homes. Whether it's built in or just IN the kitchen, I love to have both an eat-in kitchen and an additional dining area—probably because I love variety!

Even newer open-concept homes will often have a breakfast nook in addition to a dining table. Especially in this new work-from-home / school-from-home / everything-from-home season, you'll appreciate having additional spots to land!

SO—what kinds of things should you consider when you're planning your cozy breakfast nook? Here's nine great design elements we think you'll love:

1. Warm Filtered Lighting: Consider a fixture with filtered light, like a drum chandelier or candelabra with shades. This type of light is soothing and not harsh, providing the perfect lighting for a cozy breakfast or evening tea.

2. Built-in Hutch with Open Shelving: The perfect statement piece to display functional AND beautiful items in your kitchen area. This can be an ever evolving space as you collect and refine the collected items in your space.

3. Colorful Centerpiece: I love when something practical can become a design feature: A bowl of colorful fruit a jar with cut branches—whatever it is, make it colorful and beautiful.

4. Pots, Vases, + Vessels: Include these types of items in various shapes and sizes, and experiment with placing them on stacks of books, in groups of 2-3, or solo. These can be create places to store other kitchen-y type items, like wooden spoons or service items.

5: Cook Books + Bar Books: A breakfast nook is the perfect place for your beautiful cook and bar books to live. Put them in stacks, or try highlighting one or two using a stand, opened to a favorite recipe.

6. Position Near Gorgeous Windows: Nothing is more dreamy than tons of natural light pouring into your space. Whenever you can, try to position high-use rooms on the south side of your home for maximum natural light.

7. Mixed Material Chairs: For a less formal more eclectic look, use a mix of both upholstered and wood/metal chairs.

8. Library Lights: If you have a spot for them (hint hint, BUILT-INS!), definitely include library lights or sconces as an additional light source. These will be for mood lighting and highlighting your shelves rather than a functional main light source, but they definitely bring the coziness factor!

9: Closed Storage: In addition to your open shelving, be sure to add options for closed storage. This is where you can hide away your practical but not-so-pretty items that you'd like to have handy, just don't want to look at on a daily basis!


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