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Case Study: How We're Saving Small Businesses Big Money On Interior Design Fees

During our first session, we planned to tackle the furniture layout and selection for the large open concept middle space laid out in the above floor plan. From left to right, we created the following zones:

  1. Bench seating along the back wall with a feature wall and logo above

  2. Hightop stool floating work stations

  3. Large central seating area with sectionals and chairs

  4. Cafe area with three cafe tables

  5. Two sound-proof pods

  6. Kitchenette with counter height table and stools

Below you can see the concepts for the various zones:


The design came together beautifully, and almost all of their furniture has arrived. I'm excited to show you some progress shots soon!

This is a great example of a project that could have gone either way between a DIAD sessions or Full-Service design, but because the client was willing to execute, they were able to save thousands of dollars. I love helping clients accomplish their goals WITHIN their budgets 🥰

To see what their custom shopping page looks like and to view or purchase these items, click here:


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