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Classy On The Outside, Party On The Inside: The Fanciest Bar Cabinet You've Ever Seen

If there's one piece in our Fitzgerald Condo Remodel that deserves it's own designated blog post, it's this bar cabinet right here! I like to call this lady a "classy on the outside, party on the inside" kind of piece, and you'll see why when you scroll through the photos!

This piece was actually a re-selection for a much more understated cabinet that ended up being on backorder for FOREVER. Well, somethings are meant to be, because this cabinet was just too much fun to pass up!

The style was a funkier than most of the pieces in the space and brought a fun modern element to our fairly traditional space. We loved the bright chrome and the beautiful geometric doors, not to mention that beautiful oversized door pull...TO DIE FOR.

But what we also loved was that, while the style on the outside played so nicely with our overall classy vibe, anyone who decides to open it is in for an awesome surprise:

BOOM! LOOK AT THAT COLOR!!! AND, it comes complete with built-in one touch multi-level lighting. It's a party!!!

My designs often feature subtle color palettes and lots of tone on tone on tone (which don't get me wrong, I always love), but this gave us the opportunity for a fun POP of style in a way that doesn't overwhelm the space on a regular basis, but packs a punch when serving drinks! How fun is that!?

I love how sneaky she is...yes, the cabinet is a she (*wink*). Just standing there all may just be my favorite piece in a project yet!!


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