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All New Furniture for a Grand Living Room in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Alrightyyyy! Ready for another Day Session Diaries? This time we're headed to the lovely Kalamazoo, Michigan! This gorgeous property was set back in a hidden neighborhood right on a lake with a GORGEOUS view. Our job? Tackle a furniture plan for a very large open living room.

I went with a very symmetrical furniture layout because the architecture in the house felt very grand and symmetrical as well, so it felt very natural to do so. However, we didn't want the space feeling overly formal, so we planned to use more comfy casual looking pieces with lots of different textures to make the space feel very warm and cozy.

In the layout, the TV will be mounted above the fireplace on the right. I chose to do a decent sized sofa with a massive area rug (12 x 15!!) to warm up the space, and included a sofa table with lamps behind since there really is no other place for lamp lighting in the area.

On either side of the sofa I chose a set of two matching accent chairs, and in front of the coffee table, we included two small stools to act as additional seating when they have larger groups gathered.

We also wanted to have some of the chairs be swivels so that it would be easy to enjoy the view even though the sitting area isn't oriented toward the windows, so the two round chairs on the left are swivels.

Below you can see the overall furniture concept, and I included two different coffee tables for her to chose from. Sher preferred the look of the first, but the size of the second, and in the end, we ended up going with coffee table option #1.


You can see that our overall color palette is quite neutral, but we've included lots of different materials—linen, boucle, woven elements, wool, leather, wood tones, stripes, concrete—which helps make a tone-on-tone color palette more interesting.

Finally, in the very grand entryway (which you can see in the second image of the space, looking toward the front door), we planned to float a large square hide ottoman, which will be the perfect spot for guests or family to sit and take shoes on/off. We also included a natural jute rug in the entryway to bring in some texture.

The Living Room In Progress

All in all, this space is coming together so beautifully and my client says, quote, I am just loving it :-).

The best part is that we were able to create this entire design all in a single day session, which my client can then execute on their own—this client, in fact, had all her pieces ordered by the time I got home!

When we set aside this focused time, I find that it helps my clients to get very clear on their desires. They're able to come to our session very prepared, and it also lends to making faster decisions and coming up with some very creative solutions.


For this particular project, my clients left our session with a style board showcasing the exact pieces I recommended, a link to their custom collection of furniture which they could order using a one-click checkout, and a to-scale floor plan of their living room so they knew how to set it up when everything arrived at their home.

Our Designed in a Day service is definitely our most popular option with clients, 1) because it's incredibly cost/time effective, and 2), because it is an incredibly versatile service as far as the kinds of projects we are able to tackle. We cover anything from furniture and decor, to space planning, to window treatments, to making selections for a renovation project, or even just working our way through a list of design woes.

SO, if you find yourself wondering whether your own project might be a good fit for a day session, click here to view more details about the service. There's some great info there, or simply complete our project intake form here and I'll reach out to schedule a discovery call to discuss your project.

PLUS, did you know that it is good for your mental and physical health to live in a space that meets your needs? You and your family deserve it, and I can't wait to help you create a space that works for you!

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet!

- Lauren, XOXO


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