How We Took this Dated Bathroom From Feeling Majorly Cramped to Large & Spacious

Today we're taking a look at the primary bathroom in our recent Alger Bungalow renovation project. If you missed it, we recently blogged both the kitchen and dinging room spaces, so once you're finished here, pop over to those posts and take a look at these playful spaces!

So let's dive in! This bathroom was probably the most lacking in function or design sense of all the spaces in the house. If you thought the kitchen was bad, just wait until you see the bathroom...

// BEFORE //

The space was incredibly cramped. When you walked through the door, you found yourself in a teeny tiny entry with another door to a small linen closet. While I appreciate the thought, the closet took up all the prime real estate in the bathroom. It had to go!

There was peeling laminate on the floors, an old pedestal sink, and of course, zero counter space. The tub and shower tile were dated and beginning to rust, so we decided this would be a complete gut job—woo hoo!

Our plan was to open up the entry to the bathroom by removing the linen closet in addition to the arched wall. We'd regain the necessary storage with a large, custom vanity and shelving, and this would open up the space to make it feel significantly larger. This would also prevent the awkwardness of the entry door and linen door knocking into each other.

// BEFORE //