Taking An Early 2000's Living Room From Bland & Basic To BAM!

Our second reveal from our Ada House on the Hill project is here! Today we're taking a look at the before/during/after of the living room space, but if you missed it last week, you can see the kitchen reveal here.

The living room was such a fun before and after because, while we did change a lot of details, this room really wasn't a complete gut. We used many of the elements that were present when our clients moved in, and I think it's such a great example of how just a few simple changes can make for a BIG impact!

The living room is large and somewhat oblong, and when we first saw it, it was very, very beige. Beige walls, beige carpet...SO MUCH BEIGE.

// BEFORE //

We kept the builtins in tacked as is, but planned to give them a paint job and swap out the hardware for something more up to date. We did, however, know from the get-go that we wanted to update the fireplace. While it's was big, the surround felt dinky compared to the rest of the space, and the icky brown and gray slate had to go.

Initially, we'd planned to do a more transitional style wood surround with a marble tile or slab, but as the design evolved, that just wasn't meshing with the overall feel we were trying to achieve. The fireplace was the last element to fall into place, and as we scrolled through Pinterest, a fireplace style that I'd first seen used by Studio McGee caught my eye. It felt stately, but current, and was the perfect blend of traditional and modern.

Inspiration Image Via Studio McGee

We put our own twist on the design using a custom wood surround in a warm white and using a contrasting concrete hearth installed by our friends at Hard Topix. Our design would also be more rectangular and horizontal, rather than squared off, giving it a slightly more midcentury look. We also liked that the concrete added a new material and gave some tonal interest to a mostly white space.

// AFTER //

We wen't back and forth on whether we should but the TV above the mantel or create some kind of custom cabinet that would hide the TV on the right. In the end, we decided to go with The Frame TV by Samsung above the fireplace—saves the design every time!!

// BEFORE //