From Boring Builder-Grade Cabinets to Custom Chef's Kitchen

WELCOME! I'm excited to share a gorgeous kitchen reveal with you today! This stunning space is in our Ada House on the Hill project, and it was one of those unfortunate projects that was in-progress when the March covid-19 shut-down hit. Fortunately, our clients had a full kitchen in their basement, so while it wasn't ideal, they faired better than some!

The original kitchen in this Ada beauty was a classic case of boring brown builder-grade cabinets. There was storage for days, but it lacked any sense of artistry—especially the island! The kitchen also contained one of those oh-so-functional (just kidding) kitchen desks that, other than acting as a place for junk to pile up, simply make no sense to me whatsoever!

(If you're just here for the dreamy before and after photos, scroll down a ways!)

Our clients loved the Midcentury Modern styles, but wanted it to blend nicely with their transitional style home, so we went to work designing something that would feel timeless, but funky, and much more inspired.

Take a look at some before photos here:

// BEFORE //

Below is what I'd call a funky little mini butler's pantry that you'd walk through to get to the dining room. We decided to lose one of them (this one) in order to make room for a larger paneled fridge, as well as gain a tiny bit more counter space. I have to give my cabinet draftsman the credit for figuring this one out! We were both stumped for the longest time because we weren't planning to move any walls, but this little jut out would actually be fairly easy to remove, and wasn't anything structural, so away it went!