Bringing Drama To a Dated Ada Dining Room

This just might be my favorite space in our Ada House on the Hill project. Something about the layers of blue, warm yellow, and funky sputnik chandelier makes me feel oh-so-cozy while at the same time being super sophisticated.

The dining room in this space had loads of potential: a massive wall of windows looking out into the beautiful woods, high ceilings, and being set aside from the rest of the space, it has a rather formal feeling.

Previously, the walls were each a different color, making the space feel chopped up. Instead, I wanted this space to feel cozy and set apart—like it was a real treat to walk into that part of the house!

// BEFORE //

We went through a few versions of this space during the design process, and I love to share this because it's such a good example of how spaces get refined following the presentation (it's super rare that clients love every single piece we bring to the table!).

The first two style boards are what I brought to presentation for my clients. Exactly the same, but with a different set of dining chairs. I went for a more geometric style in the rug, feeling this leaned more midcentury modern, which was their main style influence, brought in some color with a large painting, and a warm wood credenza as well. For the chandelier, I chose large, linear, sputnik inspired—but with a modern twist—piece. This piece I LOVED, but I definitely felt it was a stretch style-wise for my clients.