A Timeless Kitchen Design for a 1960's Grand Rapids Home | Day Session Diaries

Earlier this year I met with a lovely couple for a Designed in a Day to tackel their kitchen. These clients recently moved into a 1969 beauty—every inch covered in wallpaper! The kitchen is currently dark and dated, complete with scalloped cabinetry details, carpet in the breakfast nook, and pastel pink wallpaper.

Instead of focusing on the details like flooring, hardware, countertops, etc., these clients wanted to focus their time on the cabinetry layout, so I decided to mock up their kitchen in Sketchup.

In this post I'll walk you through the existing kitchen, their style/functionality goals for the space, and the specifics of the new cabinetry and overall layout. Let's dive in!

The Existing Kitchen

As is the case in most 1960s homes, the formal dining room is mostly cut off from the kitchen. The kitchen, however, is much bigger than it looks on a floor plan. My clients currently use the formal dining room as a play room, and would like to continue to do so until their kids are past toddler age.

The goal was to open up the wall between the kitchen and dining room so that mom and dad can see the kids playing while working in the kitchen. The idea would be that down the road, the dining room would eventually be a dining area again, but for now, the space could function for play.

Below you can see a few photos of the kitchen layout as it exists—check out that wallpaper, baby!! The wallpaper in the house was actually very charming, and it was EXPERTLY installed - you seriously couldn't spot a seam.