What if you could design your space in just ONE DAY?


Oh my goodness, I am so super stoked about this announcement! You may have remembered a while back that we stopped offering hourly design services so we could focus whole-heartedly on our full-service interior design clients. That has been WONDERFUL, and full-service projects surely remain our bread and butter, but I've been thinking for a while now about how to craft a service for clients who don't quite need our full-on-done-for-you-completely-managed design offering. And *EUREKA!* I think I've got it!

As you can tell by these excited faces above, we are VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about this awesome new service! It's coming to you in what we're calling Designed in a Day! Ahhhhh! We're so excited! Designed in a Day is the sweetest newest offering at LFID for the client who needs a solid PLAN, and it's perfect for furnishing and decorating bedrooms, great rooms, home offices, or other residential spaces.

Here's what happens when you book:

1) Your Designed in a Day appointment will take place in your home from 10:00am up till 3:00pm.

2) We'll start with a style discovery conversation where we look through your inspiration photos and talk about your likes, dislikes, must haves, and space functionality needs.

3) We'll measure the room we want to tackle, input the space into our design program, and work out the best possible furniture layout. This gives us our initial "shopping list" of items to source. 4) Once we have the layout and approximate furniture sizes determined, we get to the fun part...we hop on the world wide web and begin to source product for the space! 5) During the process, we'll create a digital style board to help you picture how all the pieces will work together.

6) By the end of the day, you'll have:

  • A source list of all the major furniture and decor items for you to order online

  • A style board to help visualize how the space will look

  • A bird's-eye layout of the space so you know how to set it up when your furniture arrives!

- SO -

Are you someone who has followed us for a while now and this just might be your opportunity to get some one-on-one insight from an interior designer?? If this is you, LET'S DO THIS!

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Since we still focus the majority of our time on our full-service design projects—which take a LOT of time and energy!—we only have the capacity to offer just TWO Designed in a Day appointments each month, so don't delay!

Save your spot and BOOK NOW!

SO—just WHO is a good fit for this new design service? Designed in a Day is Right for You if...

  • You don't want to or have time to wait the typical 4-10 months required for a fully managed project with custom furniture

  • You want to be a little more hands-on with your design

  • You're comfortable shopping online and quick at making decisions

  • You're comfortable tackling the ordering and installation yourself

  • You are done living in an uninspiring space and want to do something about that—fast!

So are you ready to get started?

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