Installation Day: Four-Room Furnishing Project in Traverse City

Friends - we had a fantastic installation day earlier this summer that we're so excited to be sharing with you. Final photos aren't here yet, but the lovely Sydney Kamaloski (who in addition to being a stellar design assistant is also an AMAZING photographer!) documented some of the install process, so we're pumped to be able to give you a peak into what might just be our favorite project yet.

Sydney and I packed up my Subaru Outback bright and early on Wednesday morning (as in 7am early - and ya'll know that I don't usually leave the house until after 10...*whew*). We make a quick stop at Rowster Coffee for some energy juice, and then started our two-hour-and-forty-two minute hike to Old Mission Peninsula in gorgeous Traverse City.

Once there, we stopped for lunch at Morsels - a sweet little cafe right on the river - and then headed to the house to meet the delivery team. We had just enough time for a few quick selfies of the LFID team before our delivery teams began to arrive.

Here's a shot of the great room before we filled it with pretty things:

The first to arrive on site was Alexianna Fry of Peace & Toil, our favorite little plant shop in Grand Rapids. Her delivery included a large rubber plant, giant zz plant, baby monstera, medium philodendron, small cactus, and large snake plant. Just look at those beauties!

And can we talk about this glorious - GIANT - fiddle leaf fig that would be the focal point of the living room?! Just stunning. Peace & Toil also provided us with pots and stands that would mix in perfectly to our design.

Scott and his crew arrived shortly after with the furniture, and let me tell you, these guys are PRO. Together, we quickly unloaded, unpacked, assembled, rolled out rugs, and adjusted until everything was just right. Our handymen arrived around 2pm, and within two hours had all our mirrors, lamps, and artwork placed and lookin' fine.

(apparently I need new socks...)

Next up was styling the space. Sydney and I placed all the pillows, throws, books, plants, do-dads and what-nots throughout the space to make it feel like home. We made the beds, fluffed the duvets, and then swept and mopped in order to have the place looking FAB for our client's reveal moment.

We'll have more photos to come later, but here are some beautiful snaps of the spaces nearly completed.