A 1980's Makeover for a 1990's Living Room

I love a good before and after! This was a refurnishing/decorating project we recently tackled out on the West Michigan lakeshore. The goal for this space was to better utilize the footprint of the space and to capture an artistic 1980's style with LOTS of color. Our client has both a passion for collecting art and for creating art himself. Many of the paintings you'll see in the photos are actually pieces by our client, and the various other pieces have been collected throughout his travels, so we wanted to highlight as much of the artwork as possible throughout the space.

Before we started, almost half the space was being taken up by an old baby grand piano. The piano was hardly being used, so we captured back a good chunk of the space by finding the piano a new home where it would be more loved. Pianos are wonderful if you use them, but if not, they are major space suckers!

We wanted a clean, contemporary atmosphere, so we removed the chair rail---which has a more traditional feeling to it---and went with a soft grey on the walls. I knew this client loved color, so I wanted a base color that would allow us to get funky with the furniture and accessories. We also removed the chunky, somewhat invasive window treatments, which made the room feel SO much bigger and brighter.

For the sofa, we went with a bright teal sectional chaise, pulled slightly out from the corner to allow for a bit of a walkway behind the sofa. This also allowed us to center up the entire seating arrangement so that the two white chairs could be centered with the bay window. When you have beautiful architecture like that, you definitely want to accent it!

// BEFORE //


The TV had originally been mounted just to the right of the entry door, which made sense when the main sofa was facing that direction, but it made the whole area feel squished and cobbled together. In our final design, we moved the TV to the far wall, making it (and the AMAZING mirrored console it sits on) a focal point of the room, and in it's place, we found a beautiful mirrored bar cabinet that would tactfully hide any needed bar items, while also reflecting all the bright colors of the space.

// BEFORE //